HubSpot CRM consulting and implementation

HubSpot is a powerful free CRM that gets the job done ⁠— no matter the job. 

A 100% free CRM, you said?

It⁠’s no secret that most CRMs cost somewhere between a CEO’s annual salary and a beach house in California. Otherwise there’s no point in even buying one, right?

But what if we told you that HubSpot CRM is not only free but also pretty damn great? In fact, according to the good people who’ve reviewed the platform on G2, it’s one of the best CRMs on any criteria. And you know what? We agree.

But how come one of the best CRMs is totally, completely, and utterly free? How does that even make sense? And how do I know that they’re not just tricking me into using it and then sneakily sending me an invoice?

Don’t worry. HubSpot can afford to give their CRM out for free because they charge for all their other products. That includes the Marketing Hub, the Sales Hub, and the Service Hub (unless your company is tiny, in which case you can also get all three for free).

The “catch” is that they want you to fall in love with the free CRM and then eventually become a paying customer of one of the other products. And where we come from, that’s called a fair deal.

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When should I choose HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot CRM is perfect for small and medium sized businesses. Depending on the complexity of your business, it can also be a good match for larger companies.

Especially if you’re already using HubSpot Marketing Hub or HubSpot CMS for your website, HubSpot CRM might be just what you need. Why? Because by investing in one ecosystem, you can skip system integration projects and instead, you’ll automatically have all the data and functionalities in one place. 

However, HubSpot CRM plays well with other platforms, too. In fact, HubSpot has a long list of plug-and-play integrations and if those fail, the APIs offer unlimited opportunities for building your own.


We’ll partner up with your sales team, not with your software

Captain Obvious just called and told us that even the best piece of software won’t help you acquire more customers — unless you’ve made the software work for you. 

And that’s why we don’t treat CRM implementations as IT projects. Instead, we’ll help you redesign your sales strategy and sales process, deepen the collaboration between your marketing and sales teams, and only then, replicate those real-life processes into your CRM.


HubSpot CRM Reboot: a new beginning for your old system

When your CRM no longer serves your sales team, it becomes a burden.

More often than not, the problem isn’t in the software itself but in the way it’s been set up, the way your sales processes have evolved over time, and/or the way your sales reps are using the CRM. 

In those situations, getting a new piece of software would be a lot like putting lipstick on a pig. It may look good but that’s about it.

That’s when you should call us. We can help you weed out your old CRM, clean up your data, and make your existing CRM into your sales team’s best friend.

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Why Advance B2B?


We 💖 HubSpot

Advance B2B just so happens to be a HubSpot Diamond partner. In plain English that means that we’ve implemented countless of HubSpot instances and helped dozens of our customers make the most of the platform.


We know sales

We have all the experience and expertise you need to make your CRM into the Sales Director’s best friend. We’ll talk about the needs of your business, your sales team, and your leadership first, and only then about technology.

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Sales + marketing = growth

Your sales team lives off of hot leads. We can help you with any challenges that have anything to do with B2B sales and/or marketing. Silos and titles aside, we’re here to help you grow — no matter the bottleneck.

Can we help?

If you’re so much as considering switching into HubSpot CRM or cleaning up your old instance, you should definitely give us a call.

We know the software like the backs of our hands, and if nothing else, you’ll get a second opinion on what you should do next.

If that’s you, get in touch. 👇

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