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Data & Analytics

The cornerstone of your B2B marketing strategy

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How we audited the sh*t out of Siili

“Even with a very competent in-house team like ours, it would be impossible to have all that knowledge we can get from an agency”.

Valtteri Taube
Marketing & Communications Director, Siili

Valtteri Taube 1

Getting your GA4 Setup in order

We’re fully versed in GA4 and can optimize your setup so that you reap the benefits of Google’s analytics platform.

  • Leverage the full potential of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with our Setup & Optimization service.
  • Whether you’re a first-time user or a longtime friend of GA4, we can set up your accounts and properties and make sure you learn to use the features to your full advantage.
  • We offer server-side tracking solutions, as well as more privacy-friendly web analytics products such as Matomo!

Measurement and Tracking

Collecting data means nothing if you can’t translate it into actionable insights. We assist our customers in setting up proper tracking so that they can measure what matters and learn from it.

  • Planning, implementing, and giving insights on key metrics in your websites, products, and paid acquisition channels.
  • Evaluate and optimize your performance, and improve your ROI and your marketing effectiveness by precise and accurate tracking.
  • Understand your audience and their user journey and improve conversion funneling by clear, trustworthy, and compliant tracking setups.

Dashboards and advanced reporting

We aggregate your data and build dashboards to turn raw data into valuable insights you can then use to make better decisions. We provide you with:

  • Tailored HubSpot dashboards so that your sales and marketing teams receive a holistic, joint view of your business and marketing performance.
  • KPIs tailored to your marketing strategy, allowing us to understand where we need to focus next in our collaboration.
  • Real-time views with data consolidated from diverse sources into one shared dashboard, to quickly and easily detect any anomalies, troubleshoot potential issues or expand from previous successful experimentations.
Customer testimonial

“Advance B2B helped us migrate and unify our sales and marketing tech stack into one solution—HubSpot. They are a powerhouse HubSpot agency, that I can’t recommend enough. Not only are they absolute experts with the platform, but they have in-depth sales and marketing knowledge, especially when it comes to SaaS companies."

Audrey Agahan
Director of Marketing, EveryonePrint

Audrey Agahan

Data and analytics audit

The understanding of your business performance is only as good as your analytics setup allows.

Let us investigate and give you recommendations to ensure your data flows as it should and set the foundations to streamline your processes. We explore your:

  • GA4 setup
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Website, conduct a health check and highlight bottlenecks
  • Current KPIs and reporting, how aligned they are with your business needs, and flag bottlenecks and what should be optimized.
How we helped Mediamaisteri grow with growth marketing

"We needed to scale our marketing efforts and we chose Advance B2B because of their experience with similar B2B SaaS companies. We would’ve needed to hire over 10 in-house marketers to cover everything. So we really value that we can have all of the best experts from Advance B2B whenever needed.”

Arttu Kotakorpi
Sales Manager, Mediamaisteri Oy

Arttu Kotakorpi

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