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Customer story

Siili Solutions

Identifying growth opportunities with a full current state analysis

About Siili Solutions

Siili is a full-scale development partner for digital services. Their team innovates, designs, builds and runs flexible solutions from the drawing board to real client value.

When the scope is this broad, good marketing initiatives are plentiful. As Siili’s new CMO, Valtteri Taube had some classic problems to solve:

  • Is Siili using its advertising budget for the right things?
  • What should be prioritized next?

A thorough marketing audit with recommendations would act as an efficient tool for him in the new role, and help the whole marketing team gain results faster.

Services provided

Google Ads Audit
Website conversion audit
HubSpot Audit
Content and SEO audit

"Even with a very competent in-house team like ours, it would be impossible to have all that knowledge we can get from an agency. My role is to guide and prioritize the marketing team's work. This audit turned out to be an excellent tool for that."

Valtteri Taube
Marketing & Communications Director, Siili

Valtteri Taube 1

Starting point

What Siili needed help with

  • Siili wanted a complete picture of their current marketing status.
  • They needed to know how impactful their marketing activities were and if, for instance,  their paid acquisition budget was used wisely.
  • The marketing team had a long backlog to handle. They needed to prioritize the tasks in a way that would support Siili’s goals and key performance indicators.

Why they chose to work with us

  • Advance B2B’s proposal for marketing audit was both highly strategic and very detailed and comprehensive.

  • They had heard it through the grapevine: high-quality and useful insights describe our work.

  • Content & SEO, HubSpot, website conversions, advertising & channels: We had high-level specialists for a deep-dive analysis into each area.

"During my career, I’ve run similar projects with at least five top-class agencies. Compared to them, this was absolutely the best one."


Setting the scene

We set the scene by comparing Siili’s core messages against its competitors on a slide. That one slide alone proved to be a powerful internal tool for Siili to demonstrate the importance of marketing throughout the company.

We assembled a team of experts to analyze each digital marketing area down to the smallest detail, and recommended both quick wins and longer-term actions in line with Siili’s business objectives.

"I bookmarked the audit deck in my browser bar, and we regularly get back to it with the team. Well that’s something you can’t say about all the decks you’ve seen, can you?"

Valtteri Taube
Marketing & Communications Director, Siili

Valtteri Taube 1

Some examples of our findings

In the long list of audit findings and recommendations, some were more urgent than others: 

  • Google Ads audit revealed that Siili wasn’t being strategic with their advertising budget. It was used with underwhelming results. They generated very little conversions, from which they received low-quality leads, at a very high cost per lead. A deadly combination. They pulled the emergency brake during the marketing audit walkthrough meeting, gaining soon the savings that alone will make the audit pay for itself.
  • Website conversion audit provided Siili with suggestions for better conversion rates and UX, such as adding CTA buttons on high-value pages. We also made a clear action plan for getting more out of Google Analytics.
  • Content audit categorized the existing pieces by content type, funnel stage, and topic. The analysis made it clear that the current content was distributed unevenly across the funnel stages. This validated the new CMO’s hypothesis: if you want B2B blog efforts to bring results, you need a strategic approach to content production.  
  • The HubSpot audit was a relief for Siili: many core features, such as ‘deal properties’ and ‘lifecycle statuses’ were utilized well. That said, our analysis revealed that Siili could use the platform even more efficiently, and, for instance, clean up the data, so that Valtteri and his team would get more value for the license fees they are paying.

"I particularly appreciate how the main conclusions were summarized. The marketing audit was done at a sufficiently high level, yet covering a wide range of perspectives."

Valtteri Taube
Marketing & Communications Director, Siili

Valtteri Taube 1

Results & Highlights

It took one month and four Advancers to run this thorough marketing audit. 

Siili received breakthrough information in a neat package and a set of clear recommendations to follow.

  • The audit gives evidence that helps prioritize longer-term marketing decisions, such as website renewal plans. 
  • Knowledge makes daily work easier. On the one hand, Siili marketers now know what is already working. On the other, they can grasp concerns big and small from the long list of recommendations. Some findings needed fixing right away, and some could wait longer for their turn.
  • The data-based audit sheds light on upcoming experiments, saving resources and leaving guesswork behind. Siili has always wanted to do marketing that benefits their customers in channels that are relevant to them. With research giving a strong backbone, marketing implementation becomes faster

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