[Customer case] Boosting online sales with growth marketing

With a lil’ help from thorough customer research, data, and awesome content

Our growth marketing strategies steer all our actions, and the agile model we follow gives everything a nice structure.

In this customer story, you’ll learn how we helped our anonymous customer boost their online sales with some of our growth marketing (or magic, you decide) tricks. 👇

The starting point 🌱

What they needed help with

  • They had super ambitious sales goals
  • New competitors on the scene pushed them to double down on marketing activities
  • They wanted to lower their customer acquisition costs
  • They wanted to double their daily online sales before the end of the year — targeting SMBs with a newly renewed website
  • The ultimate focus was on online sales, but they wanted sustainable growth without forgetting existing customers

Why they chose to work with us

  • AB2B’s understanding of no-touch sales in the B2B and SMB target group environment
  • Our mutual results-driven approach
  • AB2B’s understanding of sustainable growth and the importance of brand ❤️

When did this happen?

  • Our cooperation started in October 2019, and we're still working together! 🙌

Our approach
to it 🗺

Right after our signature strategy phase, we kicked things off with identified quick wins and long-term activities. We tested and experimented with different tactics. 

As the focus was on online sales, we focused on one target group per industry for around 2—3 months at a time. 

We also created a tailored landing page per industry to speak to our target audiences and make the buying process as seamless as possible. 

We also made sure the traffic landing on the pages was relevant with targeted digital advertising in social media channels.



activities 🗓

  • Retention. We created an onboarding sequence for new customers to ensure all new customers are informed about how everything works in and around the tool. 
  • Analytics and tracking. We audited the customer journeys on the website and did a full current state analysis. We dove deep into how customers behave on the website. We also ensured that conversion points and analytics were set up correctly and that we were measuring the things we actually wanted to measure. 
  • SEO and CRO optimization. We did a keyword analysis to amp up the SEO, and did a full CRO analysis — including CTAs, forms and internal linkings. We also optimized the website’s overall structure by renewing the product categories and checking that everything was optimized for mobile devices.
  • Content optimization and production. We went over all existing content and identified gaps and needs for new content. We SEO-optimized all existing content and added depth and concrete points. We also repurposed existing content based on data: For example, there was one question people kept asking in the FAQ, so we made it into its own SEO-optimized article.

Sales per online traffic source 01/2020-12/2020


And then some results 🎁

We started seeing some real results after a couple of months. 

The clear messages we determined in our customer research really worked on our target audience, and the first ads we ran brought paying customers onto the website. 🎉

The organic traffic also grew slightly after the SEO optimizations we worked on. This means that the industry-based approach we took was the right way to go!

Now that we saw that industry-based targeting worked in this case, we can easily scale and develop our tactics. The customer research we did gave us a comprehensive picture of the different needs and situations of different industries. We’re hoping to be able to boost sales in all of them — industry by industry. 

And in addition to the results, our customer themself feels that their understanding of building sustainable growth has multiplied since we started working with them. How cool is that? 👏🤑

We’ve had tremendous support from everyone, including their customer service and sales teams, who have actively taken part in content creation. Everyone’s also committed to marketing. 

Sales and management have also gained more understanding of the customer journey and the “big picture”. And since we at Advance B2B love sparring, bouncing ideas off each other has been fun and helpful for everyone involved. 

To be honest, these results would never have been possible without a close relationship with the customer. Their drive and awesome people make it possible for us to experiment. 

Sometimes we get awesome results right away, and sometimes we fail. Being in close contact with the customer team all the time, our relationship has become close — while remaining relaxed, honest, and smooth. 

You can’t build growth with just anyone. 💜

Want us to do it again? 🤩

Don’t worry. We know these tricks inside and out, and would love to help you with your online sales, too. Get in touch and we’ll take it from there!

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