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[Webinar] The Power of Intent Data in Driving Revenue and ROI

There's data, and there's intent data. 

"Aren't they the same?!" you may ask.

No, those two aren't the same things.

Data refers to any type of information that can be collected and analyzed. For example, demographics, purchase history, website traffic, social media engagement, etc.

Intent data specifically refers to data that provides insight into a potential buyer's online behavior and the likelihood of making a purchase — conversions.

In this episode, we were joined by Markus Ståhlberg, CEO and co-founder of N.Rich, to talk about the power of intent data in driving revenue and ROI. 🤩

These topics were discussed:

  • What is intent data: The 5W1H of intent data
  • Driving insights: How and where can you find intent data
  • Case study: How to use intent data to increase conversion
  • How to get started: Things you need to have in place to start making use of intent data