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[Webinar] How to grow your SaaS business with a solid marketing and sales tech stack

Sep 7, 2021 Mikko LaaksonenMikko Laaksonen

In this webinar, we discuss the hidden ingredient to successful B2B SaaS companies: your tech stack. 🤩

Everyone is talking about growth. But one thing that is (too) often overlooked is the technology that fuels this growth. When used wisely, a solid sales and marketing tech stack is the glue that unites sales and marketing in organizations and enables growth.

This webinar was joined by Tomas Riis Jensen from HubSpot. He told us about how HubSpot grew from a company operating outside of a garage in Boston to a 22 billion USD business.

These topics are also covered:

  • Introduction to sales and marketing tech
  • Trends that are shaping technology
  • How HubSpot used technology to facilitate their growth
  • Why focusing on technology that scales with your business is essential (and what it means in the first place)

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for anyone working in B2B SaaS marketing looking to hear about best practices to better use available technologies, may it be marketing automation, customer relationship management, or even a simple CMS, and how they should be interacting with each other.

What's next?

After watching the recording, we recommend reading this blog post:

(That's how I wanted to end this post, but then my colleague Akseli stopped me in my virtual tracks and told me that I should really add a strong CTA in this. So, if anyone needs help with HubSpot or moving to HubSpot, Akseli is happy to have a chat. You can book a call with him here [soft CTAs are the new CTAs].)