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[Webinar] Advertising in lead generation

In this webinar, we discuss how to use advertising effectively for lead generation. Speakers are Ali Kisaoglu and Konstantin Antonov.

Efficient marketing with a slashed marketing budget πŸ‘›

Are you wondering how to use your marketing budget as wisely as possible? πŸ€“  The world's economic situation stubbornly continues to decline, funding gets harder and harder, and organizations are tightening their purse strings while waiting for better times.

Marketing has especially felt the shrinking budgets: companies want to use money carefully so that they can support the company's growth even in more challenging times.

What does this mean concretely? Among other things, focusing on quality leads.

β€œLeads, leads, we want leads!” – how to reach the right buyers with advertising πŸ€‘

To solve this dilemma, we decided to concretely show how to get the best out of a (tight) marketing budget.

In the second webinar, we focus on advertising: how to use advertising as efficiently as possible to support lead generation.

In the webinar, Ali and Konsta discuss these topics:

πŸŽ“ Leads - What do they really mean?
πŸŽ“ Measurement
πŸŽ“ Effective marketing using advertising
πŸŽ“ Targeted reach
πŸŽ“ Visibility
πŸŽ“ Message, visual brand and tone
πŸŽ“ Immediate Impact
πŸŽ“ Lead capture optimization
πŸŽ“ Data-driven approach
πŸŽ“ Scalability and flexibility
πŸŽ“ Multi-channel integration
πŸŽ“ Funnel
πŸŽ“ Example cases