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Guessing sucks, do customer research instead – a conversation with Veera Hevosmaa

Customer research is the silver bullet, the magic sauce, the secret to doing marketing that resonates, converts, and brings in money. 🤝

If you don't believe it, let marketing strategist Veera Hevosmaa tell you exactly why every B2B company should do customer research!

In this video, she discusses the ins and outs of customer research:

00:49 Why should every B2B technology company do customer research?

02:12 Why don't companies do customer research?

03:53 The difference between sales talking to customers and customer research

05:13 What kind of questions should you use in customer research?

If you want to know more about customer research, Veera has helpfully written an article called "10 Real-Life Examples of Using Customer Research Findings in Marketing". 🤩