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[Webinar] Aligning marketing and sales operations with the right tech stack to fuel growth

Everyone talks about having the right tools to fuel growth. But is that really enough? 

No, not really. 

The right tools make your life easier so you won’t have to take care of every detail down to the tee. But if your tools aren’t working together, you’ll still need to spend time piecing together information from different platforms — you’re bound to miss a thing or two and end up working in silos, eventually. 

In this webinar, we were joined by our customer: Audrey Agahan from EveryonePrint

Audrey talked about: 

  • What are the must-have tools in your tech stack? 
  • Life before and after HubSpot at EveryonePrint: What are some of the business benefits and impacts of having an adequate tech stack? 
  • Learnings and best practices: Audrey’s best advice to businesses looking to invest and streamline their marketing and sales tools. 

Long story short, you need the right tools in your tech stack to streamline growth operations before you can scale growth.

Ideally, the tools you select for your tech stack should integrate well with each other. 

Then comes the next question: How to choose the right tools for you? 

We’ve got you covered right here 👉: Tools to boost different stages of the B2B SaaS customer journey