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We offer HubSpot implementations, websites and services — as well as continuous development. ❤️

HubSpot implementation

To make sure that you get nice things out of your smooth HubSpot experience, it's a good idea to pay attention to the implementation. 

While implementing HubSpot, we ensure that: 

  • We create data fields and processes that support the sales and marketing efforts of your organization
  • You'll get the relevant sales and marketing tools that answer your needs, all good to go 
  • All contacts, companies, leads/opportunities and service tickets will be transferred from your old system to your sparkly new HubSpot system
  • The system's users actually know how to use it.

Additionally, each company has their own specific tool-related needs. If you want, we can even help you move your old blog or entire website to HubSpot. 

HubSpot is easily scalable based on your company size and processes, and for many companies it can offer all sales and marketing related system needs for you, straight out of the box. There's even a solution for enterprise companies called — you guessed it — HubSpot Enterprise. 


Some of the most typical implementations include:

  • CRM + Sales Hub
  • CRM + integrations & Operations Hub
  • CRM + Marketing Hub
  • CRM + Service Hub
  • CMS + CRM + Marketing Hub
  • Just Marketing Hub

HubSpot consists of five systems (CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Operations Hub and CMS Hub) that can be used flexibly depending on your needs. 

Step 1: Definition

We start the HubSpot implementation with defining the scope of the whole thing ⬇️

  • Documenting your sales, marketing and service processes
  • Classifying your customers and target groups, as well as contacts, leads and service tickets
  • Automations
  • Reporting needs in order to better lead marketing and sales
  • CRM data model
  • Other integration needs (to other systems)

Step 2: Technical implementation

  • Creating the required fields and classifications in HubSpot
  • Setting up the sales pipeline
  • Setting up emails and calendars
  • Email and landing page templates according to your brand
  • Linking social media channels to HubSpot
  • Setting up the customer service pipeline
  • Uploading existing customer data to HubSpot
  • Basic settings of the system
  • Creating different user roles

Step 3: Training and coaching

  • Basic HubSpot training
  • Training for the specific tools you have chosen
  • Training materials
  • If you choose, 1 to 3-months of HubSpot help desk service after implementation

As additional services, we also offer: 

What does HubSpot cost?

A HubSpot implementation will cost around 5,000-12,000 € + VAT, depending on the amount of work and services implemented. 

HubSpot will send the invoice for the licence directly to the user. The licence tier as well as possible add-ons will affect the price. You can see the prices in more detail on the HubSpot website, and we'll help you find the right tier and add-ons (and we'll also be the first ones to tell you if it seems to us that HubSpot is not the right solution for you).

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HubSpot CMS and websites built on HubSpot

CMS is short for Content Management System. The HubSpot CMS (previously known as HubSpot COS) is a website tool that offers your organization a simple but versatile solution for website building and content management. For example our very own website (that you're currently on!) is built entirely on HubSpot. 🤓

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HubSpot CRM implementation and consulting

HubSpot CRM is a free CRM that is suitable for a surprisingly wide variety of needs. We will help you make the most of it! 

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As you could expect, the more tools you're using from the HubSpot family, the smoother the experience with HubSpot. For example, a HubSpot CRM, Maketing Hub and a HubSpot website work without any integrations, and you can do everything through the same UI, using the same data.

More often than not the situation is not this, however. In these cases we can integrate HubSpot marketing tools with another CRM. HubSpot integrates super well with solutions like Salesforce, Pipedrive or MS Dynamics. 

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Ongoing HubSpot development 😚


1,200 €

  • This service is designed especially to take care of any potential issues and day-to-day problems that may arise.
  • You'll have 8 hours of support each month.
  • We'll answer support tickets on weekdays in their order of arrival. We answer in 24 less than hours.
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3,500 €

  • Full HubSpot support with your own dedicated HubSpot support person 
  • Proactive monthly planning and reporting
  • Solving problems and dealing with arising issues
  • You'll have 20 credits per month that you can use for development, support tickets, or both
  • HubSpot use or license tier optimization in the long run
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4,500 €

  • Full HubSpot support with your own dedicated HubSpot support person
  • Proactive monthly planning and reporting
  • Solving problems and dealing with arising issues
  • You'll have 30 credits per month that you can use for development, support tickets, or both
  • HubSpot use or licence tier optimization in the long run
Yes please

Ongoing HubSpot help desk service

  • This service is sold for a minimum of three months, after which it's ongoing, and you can stop it anytime you want without any long notice periods. 
  • To reach your growth goals with new systems and sales and marketing tools requires support for your team even after implementation.
  • Additionally, learning new ways to sell and market is a process that requires continous attention and optimization. 
  • With new HubSpot implementations comes a 1 to 3-month support period that begins after the implementation. 

💡 To make the most of your HubSpot support, we recommend combining it with our growth marketing services.


On Growth and Hypergrowth tiers the development work can include: 

  • Planning and executing marketing automation campaigns
  • Developing sales automation
  • Optimizing the lead process
  • Improving reporting
  • Optimizing marketing activities (e.g. a/b testing)

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AB2B has been really helpful! Juho has been our main connection and has been helping me a lot even after the project. I’m hoping we have AB2B as our long-term partner with marketing automation. [They are] very professional."

Krista Kihlman


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Advance B2B has always been very, very flexible at meeting us halfway. It was so impressive how the team learned our way of doing business to provide us the best service. During the sales process, you really listened to us, and provided a solution that really worked for us. That’s why we chose Advance B2B.

Riikka Henttonen

Marketing and Communications Manager

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Great staff combined with ease of project agreement. The whole project was run through with high standards yet in a relaxed way. Our project manager was always helpful and eager to help also in some other matters than included in the original project plan. I felt that our success matter to them. I can recommend AB2B for similar projects."

Atte Lonkari

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