Growth technology, data, and analytics consulting

Want to have a unified stack of marketing tools and get your customer data in shape? We’re here to help with all things martech.

Meet your full-stack growth technology partner πŸ‘‹

We are a comprehensive growth & marketing technology, data, and analytics partner for your B2B company that wants to grow. 

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a full understanding of your processes, from website or CRM implementations to tracking and analyzing your data continuously.

We also love auditing marketing tech stacks, analytics and data processes to pinpoint any bottlenecks and understand how your company works.

And when we say martech, it means everything from your CRM and sales tools to all your customer-facing marketing services.


Here’s how it works πŸ‘‡

Kick-off & analysis of the current situation vs your business goals

We typically start off by analyzing the current state of your existing systems and how everything is working together. 

This part might include (but is not limited to):

  • A growth tech audit
  • An analytics audit
  • A customer data audit
  • A website audit including CRO and website performance audits
  • A content audit

We will always choose which audits we need to complete depending on your specific needs.

During this first phase, we also set goals and KPIs for our cooperation to ensure our goals are aligned and that we're following our progress. 


STEP 2: Defining the process

Next, we need to map out how things should work in the tech context, and what technologies we want to have in use β€” things like a CRM, a website, and other tools.

In terms of data and analytics, we need to discuss what needs to be done in order to make sure we are reaching the goals we've set. This will be based on your individual needs. 

We also need to discuss and develop a proper process. This requires us to go over any existing processes and seeing if there is anything to be changed or improved. 

These include going over and aligning your: 

  • Lead process
  • Marketing process throughout your funnel
  • Sales process
  • Customer success process
  • Future growth marketing stack (what tools will be needed and how they will be used in the future).
hubspot-diamond (1)

STEP 3: Implementation

In practice, we will then implement the chosen tools and processes. πŸš€

For this step, we also offer guidance and consulting in order to ensure that the implementation goes smoothly and is as easy as possible for all parties involved. 

We usually implement new tools and processes step by step, to make sure everything is seamless. 

Finally, we will build all the dashboards and reports we agreed to build, to make sure we are 1) following the progress we're making, and 2) reaching the goals we've set together. 

In implementations we focus on the HubSpot ecosystem, and we are a Diamond HubSpot partner. (But please note that for the previous steps, we love to help with whatever technology you have! We are also not afraid to tell if you if HubSpot is not the right choice for your company. Tech should be helping your business grow, and that is also our first priority.)

Read more about HubSpot CRM consulting and implementation


STEP 4: Cocktails & continuous improvement

At this stage, we can mix a tasty cocktail and make a toast.🍹

After that, we will continue working in our regular sprint model to develop our process continuously, and ensure we're tackling all bottlenecks that come along. 

Even if you decide not to continue with a monthly marketing partnership, we will always offer you helpdesk-style assistance whenever you need it. 

However, if you do decide to continue our cooperation, it gives us a chance to continuously improve the processes and tools we've implemented. 

Implementing big new tools and processes is rarely a cakewalk, and if we continue working together, we can ensure that we optimize everything moving forward. Also, your data will never be correct if the processes are not seamless. 

Our approach is data-driven development which means that we continue following the data we collect and make sure we make development-related decisions based on data. 

And of course, you get the best results combining this with our growth marketing services. 😎


What does it cost?

We offer martech projects:

  • Starting from 2 000 € for audits only
  • Starting from 5 000 € for CRM projects
  • Starting from 1 200 € / month for continuous development

If you want more details, we'd love to help you. πŸ‘‡

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Should you let us help you?

The answer is: Probably yes, but we'd love to start by discussing your individual needs. 😍

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