Google Analytics 4 health check and optimization

Google Analytics Universal has sunsetted, and it's time to start using GA4 fully. Optimize your GA4 to reap the full benefits of the new and improved analytics platform. 

Why GA4? πŸ‘‰

Hopefully, your GA4 is already installed and accruing data. GA4 can’t retroactively gather data, which means it will only start tracking once it’s set up.

Now is a good time to make sure you are collecting data from all the correct domains and subdomains, and filtering out developer and other internal traffic. 

Besides this, it's important to ensure you are measuring the correct events and conversions on the page, and you have connected other products to GA4. 

Remember to check privacy details such as data retention are up to date, and the GA4 property is correctly configured to your cookie banner rules.

Last but certainly not least, get started on learning how to use GA4! We can set up sparring sessions or training to walk you through the UI, show you how to create custom audiences or dashboards, or learn the basics of the Explorations. 


GA4 health check project πŸ‘‡

What the project contains 

  • A consultation on going over the Data Settings and the Data Processing Agreement
  • Checkup on your GA4 property data streams and other Google Properties connections
  • Making sure GA4 is properly configured through Google Tag Manager
  • Documenting current events and new events we want to create
  • A coaching session regarding the main changes and how to make the most of your new GA4 property
  • A coaching session on how to utilize the advanced properties of GA4

What does it cost?

Health checks usually cost around 1200€, and smaller fixes can be made on the go.

The migration or creation of more than four custom events and the configuration of e-commerce tracking are priced separately. 

If you want more details, we'd love to help you. πŸ‘‡

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Should you let us help you?

The answer is: Probably yes.

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