Google Analytics 4 migration projects

From the summer of 2023 onwards, you can’t use Google Analytics Universal or access any of the data stored in there. But no need to worry — we can help with the migration process.

It's a good idea to start the GA4 migration process right here and now 👉

One of the most important things to understand is that GA4 can’t retroactively gather data, which means it will only start tracking once it’s set up.

This means that you should start using GA4 as soon as possible in order to collect the data you’ll be able to analyze with Google Analytics 4.

If you wait until the last moment to start using the new Analytics, you won’t have any data from the period before the launch. 

And that's just not how we handle things here!

We would love to help you through every step the way to ensure that you can keep collecting and analyzing data throughout the process.


Here’s how it works 👇

What the project contains 

  • A consultation on going over the Data Settings and the Data Processing Agreement
  • Creating your GA4 property and uniting necessary data streams and other Google Properties
  • Configuring GA4 in Google Tag Manager
  • Documentation of the events we want to import from Google Tag Manager, documenting new main goals and events 
  • Migrating main events and creating new main events in Google Tag Manager — but please note that our base price covers a maximum of 4 main custom events
  • Testing and publishing the container
  • Ensuring the data flow and event flow work in GA4
  • Adding the new data stream to DataStudio and flagging editing needs for new dimensions and metrics
  • A coaching session regarding the main changes and how to make the most of your new GA4 property

What we need from you 

  • Editor level access to Google Analytics Universal
  • Publisher-level access to Google Tag Manager
  • Edit-level permission to Data Studio reports (when applicable)
  • You must be able to own the Data Processing Agreement and have resources to review the data agreement and when necessary, update the privacy policy
  • For legal and regulatory compliance you must consult your own privacy experts or legal team — while we at Advance B2B wear many hats, we don't offer legal consulting. Instead, we can offer insight on general best practices and common ways of working.

What does it cost?

Typically, the price of a GA4 migration project starts from 2 500 €.

The price contains the importation of main custom events (around 3-5). The importation of other custom events, documentation, creation of new custom events, and the configuration of e-commerce tracking are priced separately.

The import of more than 4 main events, the configuration of e-commerce, as well as al other additional work are priced separately.

The standard delivery time is 2 weeks from gaining appropriate-level access to all necessary data platforms.

 If you want more details, we'd love to help you. 👇

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Should you let us help you?

The answer is: Probably yes.

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