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Customer story


Achieving over 100% y/o/y growth in revenue, customers, and website traffic

About Virta

Virta offers solutions to B2B companies to launch, grow, and operate their own commercial EV charging services – as a primary business or as a value-added service.

Ever since we started our cooperation in January 2019, Virta’s main focus has been increasing inbound lead generation and building the pipeline.

To do that, we needed to start with the foundation: redesigning their website to optimize for conversions, creating search-driven content and SEM, and utilizing paid acquisition to boost visibility and lead generation.

On this page, you'll find some examples of our work and some of the key results we've achieved together.

Services provided

Marketing strategy
Content marketing
HubSpot website development

Starting point

What Virta needed help with

  • Identify and understand ICP (need to narrow down target audiences and understand where to focus)
  • Increase online visibility and grow brand reputation and credibility
  • Increase inbound lead generation along with having a proper foundation and strategy for inbound lead gen.
  • Filling the skill gap to run smooth marketing operations

Why Virta chose Advance B2B

  • Our approach (customer research and agile growth marketing)
  • SEO, SEA, content marketing, and Hubspot expertise
  • Website design & HubSpot implementation capabilities
  • Our ways of working (sprint model) and customer references

"We have a really capable in-house marketing team, but our scope of needs is so wide that external help is very much needed."

Markus Linden
Head of Digital Marketing, Virta

Markus Linden

Some examples of our work

  • Customer research: Interviewed their customers and defined their ICP (Jobs-to-be-done, buying behaviors, target segments, etc.)
  • Strategy: Built a growth marketing strategy (including inbound lead gen) based on ICP work
  • Website: Redesigned website on HubSpot (visuals and content)
  • CRO: Created conversion-optimized landing pages
  • Website Content: Created SEO-driven topic clusters & pillar pages for target audiences (based on customer research)
  • Full-funnel content: Support ongoing lead generation with search-driven content (e-books, infographics, blog posts, case studies, etc.)
  • Paid Advertising: Launched and managed paid advertising & retargeting campaigns (Google, FB, LinkedIn, and Bing)
  • Measurement: Built Databox & HubSpot dashboards
  • Webinar & Video: Developed webinar plan and filmed live webinar
  • HubSpot & Email Campaigns: Created email drip campaigns & workflows in HubSpot


Here's how we did during our first year:

  • Revenue generated:  +159% 
  • Revenue in the pipeline from online channels:  +118%
  • # of Customers: +119%
  • Website traffic after redesign: +111%
  • For every euro invested in paid acquisition, it resulted in €11,2 generated in the pipeline.

How we measure digital sales

In 2020, we started measuring digital sales with this Digital Share equation:

  • "Digital" as the original source = 0,5x deal amount
  • First conversion known with any source =   0,2x deal amount
  • Data insights (Vainu etc) =  0,2x deal amount
  • Website visits tracked during the buying journey =  0,1x deal amount


  • An inbound lead downloads an e-book, is contacted by sales, and ends up being a won deal worth of 30 000€.
  • 0,5x + 0,2x + 0,1x = 0,8x closed won amount
  • 0,8x 30 000€ = 24 000€

Examples of paid acquisition

Campaign offer: Love at first Charge

Purpose: SoMe campaign in Europe w/ 3 different languages (ENG, FRE & GER). Ran during Spring-Summer 2019.

  • Channel: Facebook
  • Tactics: Used video and image ads with 8 different ad variations per language. We used different contact-lists, look-alike audiences, and retargeting for targeting our ads in Europe. We continually monitored and optimized campaigns based on the best performing targeted audiences and ad variations.
  • Results: We received high-quality leads from every campaign and our English ads performed especially well, with a low cost per SQL (34,96€/SQL)

E-book: How to build an EV charging business

Purpose: Together with Virta, we have been advertising on different SoMe channels for a while now. At the end of 2020, we refreshed our retargeting strategy for different content/e-books.

  • Channel: Facebook
  • Tactics: We have been gathering retargeting data since early 2019 and based on that data we had the chance to build new retargeting audiences with higher quality. Even though our target group is easier to find on LinkedIn -> with good quality data we managed to have good value with Facebook.
  • Results: Within just 2 months of launching our new campaigns, we were able to gather a great number of submissions with a 28,32 conversion rate. The cost per submission was 2,26€.

"When it comes to digital marketing—like SEO, SEA, content marketing, web development, and Hubspot knowledge—Advance B2B brings the expertise that we’re lacking.

Markus Linden
Head of Digital Marketing, Virta

Markus Linden

Content work example

Pillar page: V2G Pillar Page

  • Published November 2019, and traffic continues to steadily increase
  • This was a TOFU (top of the funnel, or Awareness) piece of content with the intent of driving people to download a V2G webinar and generate ICP leads.

Content work example

Pillar page: Smart EV Charging 

  • Published July 2019, and traffic continues to steadily increase 
  • This was a MOFU piece of content with the intent of driving people to download another e-book and generate leads


See how it works in 52 minutes


"They [AB2B] also bring a fresh pair of eyes and ideas from outside of our industry. I especially appreciate our communication and the sprint agile model way of working. As a client, I feel very taken care of."

Markus Linden
Head of Digital Marketing, Virta

Markus Linden

What have we learned so far?

  • The customer interviews we initially ran were extremely helpful in narrowing down the ICP, building the initial growth marketing strategy, and creating content that resonates with the target audiences. 
  • Quality, evergreen content that’s continually optimized for SEO = Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Continuously monitor and analyze website analytics and paid advertising efforts to see what things should be stopped, optimized, or amplified.
  • We started working more closely with the Virta sales team to focus our efforts on the audiences that make the most financial impact.
  • After the website redesign and launch, it took us a while to dig deeper into how the new user paths work and what aspects of the user experience could be optimized. We learned it’s really important to continuously monitor and analyze the new website's performance, not only from the content and SEO perspective but also from a UX perspective.
  • Everything is always a work in progress! 🚀

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