[Customer Case] Vapaus

How we’re helping Vapaus Bikes Finland to grow their business by building them a growth marketing strategy, clarifying and focusing their target audience, and executing marketing tactics based on the growth marketing strategy. 


About Vapaus

Vapaus offers a benefit bike service for employers. Through Vapaus, employees can get a quality bike at a lower price than on the market as well as a service package for maintenance. Companies get to support their employees’ well-being and help them to lower their carbon footprint. 

Vapaus’ ultimate goal is nothing less than to be part of a global mobility revolution by providing sustainable mobility solutions that do not produce direct emissions. They want to benefit companies as well as employees – both at work and during their leisure time.

Our collaboration with Vapaus first began at the beginning of 2022 with monthly HubSpot support. We worked so well together that Vapaus wanted to expand our cooperation to marketing and sales. So we became their growth marketing partner early in the same year. 

In the short time, we have worked together, we’ve built a rock-solid growth marketing strategy, refocused Vapaus’ ideal customer profile, clarified their offering and messaging, and begun to work in agile sprints.


The starting point ⚡️

Things that Vapaus needed support for:

  • Vapaus is a young company that has been growing super fast. For most of 2021 they had been building processes for marketing, sales, and customer support. There was no time to actually do marketing. The company wanted to change that.  
  • Vapaus had so many needs in marketing that it had become difficult to see the tree from the forest. They wanted a partner that could help them identify and prioritize what needs to be done and work on what is crucial for the business now. 
  • They were also looking for a partner that could suggest them a wide variety of ideas and actions. In other words, they wanted a partner that could build a growth marketing mindset into their entire marketing operations. 

Why they chose Advance B2B 🙏🏼:

  • They enjoyed working with us on their HubSpot development – so it felt natural to expand our cooperation.
  • Already in the negotiation phase, Vapaus felt that we understood their business.
  • Vapaus liked that they got solutions and suggestions on how to build their marketing operation already in the offer they received from us. So they felt confident in the expertise of our growth marketers.

Building the first growth marketing strategy 🥇

Vapaus had been moving so fast as a company that they did not have an updated written business strategy when we started working together. Usually, we base our growth marketing strategy on the business strategy to ensure that we make sure that marketing is aligned with the business. 

Despite this situation, the strategy process went smoothly thanks to a couple of things:

  1. Even though the business strategy was not written down, Vapaus’ management, marketing, and sales had a common understanding of their business, which allowed us to build a growth marketing strategy that was aligned with their goals.
  2. Everyone at Vapaus was super motivated and committed to the strategy process which helped us work together at a fast pace.


The entire strategy work went really smoothly. I was surprised by how quickly things progressed and strategy materials were delivered to us. It was all done in a couple of sprints. It was quick, comprehensive, and clear.”

Lotta Vänskä

Growth Lead

Growth marketing strategy helped to refine parts of Vapaus' business strategy. The management team found new angles and ways of crystallizing the mission and vision as well as who the Vapaus clients are. 


Growth marketing strategy influences business strategy 🥇

Growth marketing strategy helped to refine parts of Vapaus' business strategy. The management team found new angles and ways of crystallizing their mission and vision as well as who their clients are. 

That has not always been the case. As a young start-up, funding is crucial at this stage of its growth. There have been moments when balancing funding and investing in marketing has meant tough decisions. But making them has also been educational for the company.


Here’s what I wish companies would understand: if your management is missing a person with a strong marketing background, marketing becomes the first thing to put on the cutting board in tough economic times. I do not recommend that to anyone. If you downgrade your marketing, your entire business suffers.”

Lotta Vänskä

Growth Lead

Understanding a wider ideal customer base 📍

As part of the growth marketing strategy process, we ran an ideal customer workshop, interviewed Vapaus’ best customers, and used the interview data to create an in-depth ideal customer profile (ICP) that can be used across the business.

The ICP workshop and customer research made Vapaus realize that its target audience had been too narrow. They had focused on cyclists that are passionate about biking, ride all year round and have the means and willingness to invest in expensive gear.

The research made them understand that the passionate cyclist group was a small portion of the market and that there is a wider untapped potential: everyday cyclists who enjoy biking but who don’t need to be spandex-wearing triathlons.


The customer research helped us to see the wider potential. It was also really well written out in the strategy. So well that we copied it straight to our new business strategy.” 

Lotta Vänskä

Growth Lead

Agile sprints have brought structure to Vapaus’ in-house work

Working in an agile model is not always easy to dive straight in. In Vapaus’ case, the 4-week sprints have helped their growth team find a structure for their work and they have adopted the sprint model in internal Growth work too. Vapaus has learned to: 

  • Set realistic timeframes and deadlines. 
  • Bring in other experts to work on a project and make sure that everyone is working towards a common goal. 
  • Get buy-in and commitment from everyone involved in a project
  • Ensure that they prioritize and do the right things

Working as a team 🤝

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why Vapaus chose us as their partner was how well we worked together initially on HubSpot projects. This chemistry between us and the people at Vapaus has continued and even deepened along the way.

One of the secrets of working as a team comes from the fact that our clients get a team of marketers who all have their expertise and roles but are not tied by those roles. No matter the role, everyone in the team can voice their opinions and challenge the opinions of others.

“As the only marketer at Vapaus, I feel that AB2B is my team. They are a group of experts from whom I get support. I get deep expertise from them that I don’t have in-house.”

Some highlights from the work we’ve done so far

Since the strategy phase, we have been systematically working towards the goals set in the strategy. This work has included things like: 

  • Improving SEO
  • Clarifying messaging 
  • Creating conversion paths on the website
  • Building an email list and launching a newsletter
  • Raising awareness among employees

What’s next for Vapaus and Advance B2B?

Our cooperation is still in the early stages but the strategy is solid, the goals are clear and the world is full of bikers. 🚴

Over the next few months, we’ll continue to execute the tactics set out in the strategy and work towards making marketing part of Vapaus.IO’s growth wheel. 

“I enjoy our cooperation and want to expand it. I like my AB2B team and I hope we get to work together for a long time.”

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