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Customer story

Toggl Plan

100% growth in customer acquisition and 250% increase in ICP trial starts

About Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is a resource planning tool for digital creative agencies, consultancies, and software implementation teams.

It was built to help teams deliver projects on time without burning out. 

At the beginning of our partnership, Toggl Plan needed help with a marketing strategy that would take them in the right direction of acquiring the right-fit customers and increasing conversions. So we dove into it head-on with customer research because strategy is never a shot in the dark. 

The outcome? We identified Toggl Plan’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), redefined their messaging, and adjusted their positioning.

What else did we do? Read on to find out!

Services provided

Marketing & paid acquisition strategy
ICP research, positioning, messaging
Content marketing
"Advance B2B helped us clarify our ICP. As a result, we were also able to clarify our positioning and redefine our messaging. That has given us a solid foundation to explore different things further in all the marketing channels that we’ll be using from now on."

Jitesh Patil
SEO & Content Specialist, Toggl Plan


Starting point

Things Toggl Plan needed help with

  • Building a strategic marketing strategy
  • Increase their acquisition of right-fit customers
  • Increase conversion rates on their marketing channels
  • Refine their content marketing strategy
  • Adopt a systematic approach to paid advertising and campaigns

Why Toggl Plan chose us

  • The Advance B2B approach of working in sprints. 
  • Our deep understanding of growth marketing and love for experiments. 
  • Our methods and experience in conducting customer research.
  • Our expertise and responsiveness in answering questions from the get-go.

The goal was to acquire 1000 ICPs per month by the end of December. We hit the goal in November.


Some examples of our work

We had the chance to carry out various growth efforts during our cooperation with Toggl Plan:

  • We conducted customer research and discovered their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  • We redefined Toggl Plan’s messaging to resonate with their ICPs in their target markets.
  • We crafted a paid acquisition strategy and created ad copies.
  • We conducted a content audit and produced a comprehensive content strategy. We also planned, wrote and optimized blog posts, product pages and paid acquisition specific landing pages.

Top highlights

The biggest highlight from this cooperation was helping Toggl Plan with its growth strategy. Prior to their engagement with Advance B2B, they didn’t have specific KPIs to start with. 

ICP acquisition became a core metric to measure after defining their ICPs through customer research and refining their messaging and positioning. The goal was to acquire 1000 ICPs per month by the end of December, and we hit that goal in November. 

We also had a lot of room to experiment with various campaigns, which resulted in concrete conversion results. 

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