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Customer story

Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Turning a plugin into a professional solution with strategic marketing

About Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Shared Contacts for Gmail® is a contact management system for organizations using Google Workspace. 

With the tool, any team members using Google Workspace tools can share, access, comment on, and update centralized contacts from everywhere, including their desktop, mobile device, Google Contacts, Gmail, Outlook, WhatsApp, and so on.

Shared Contacts for Gmail® is a certified Google Technology Partner Premier and has over 2.5 million users worldwide. 

Services provided

Setting up the marketing operations
Content marketing
Website renewal

"Advance B2B has upgraded our mindset by infusing resolute marketing energy into all our activities."

Stéphane Cohen
CEO & Founder, Shared Contacts for Gmail®

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Starting point

Things they needed help with

  • Shared Contacts for Gmail® wanted to acquire more sign-ups and leads in an organized way, with a strategic approach to marketing.
  • The main initial bottleneck was advertising, as the team didn't have in-house resources to run advertising experiments.
  • Shared Contacts for Gmail® didn't really have any marketing operations before Advance B2B came in.

Why they hired us for the job

  • The team originally discovered Advance B2B through our podcast — The Growth Hub Podcast.
  • What made them choose us was our quality content, great insights, and our demonstrated knowledge and expertise in strategic marketing
  • The availability of additional experts (designers, developers, etc.) on a need basis, on top of the core marketing team.
  • Our project management skills demonstrated during the sales phase (and later applied in day-to-day operations).
  • The cultural match between Advance B2B and Shared Contacts for Gmail®.

"Advance B2B has upgraded our organization's mindset by infusing a resolute marketing energy into all our activities."


Some examples of our work

We delivered a full website renewal project, including new visuals and copy that addressed the real-life pain points of Shared Contacts for Gmail® users. 

We used many of the insights we gained from the customer researchwhich we complete during each and every strategic partnership—and found new ways to talk about the tool and its benefits. 

We produced engaging content based on our content strategy for Shared Contacts for Gmail®:

We also worked together on their onboarding sequence and emails to make sure implementing the tool is as smooth and seamless as possible. 

Experiments were at the core of our cooperation ever since the beginning, and we ran advertising experiments almost every single sprint.



  • The number of free trials
  • Trial to paid user conversion rate
  • SEO: improving our rankings for specific relevant keywords 

Results & highlights

  • There was a clear, continuous, and noticeable growth in sign-ups since the start of our cooperation 
  • We identified good and bad-fit channels for advertising thanks to our extensive experiments with paid ads 
  • We gained very good visibility into where users are coming from and a better understanding of how to reach them
  • We worked on the messaging and positioning of the product and essentially helped it transform from a plugin to a full-fledged contact management system
  • Everyone is involved in marketing now, and Advance B2B's enthusiasm for strategic marketing has spread throughout the entire company.

SEO results 

  • The number of branded name searches grew by 20.8% in 2022
  • For the search query "Share Google Contacts", all the results on the first page are either Shared Contacts for Gmail® web pages, their YouTube videos, listings, or blog posts highlighting the tool
  • The number of top 100 keywords we ranked on grew by 38.4% in 2022

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