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Customer story


Building a go-to-market strategy for Sweden, Denmark and Norway

About RecRight

Recright is a Finnish video recruitment company that wants to revolutionize the way recruitment is done, and do it internationally. 

The process of entering a new market is always challenging yet exciting. In the summer of 2022, our customer, Recright, reached out to us to collaborate on building a go-to-market game plan that would be used in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

In a six-month project spanning from August 2022 to February 2023, we worked tirelessly with the Recright team to create a strategy to help them expand their business into new territories. 

  • We held brainstorming sessions, drawing up ideas on how to reach and engage potential clients in each country.
  • We tested and refined our approach, carefully considering each market's unique cultural nuances and differences.

Read this customer story to find out how we took an experimentation-based approach and discovered how Recright could build their new strategy and how we built a new foundation for their brand awareness in their new target markets!

Services provided

GTM Strategy
ICP research, positioning, messaging in new markets

"We were able to learn more about our potential customers in our target markets thanks to the experimentation-based approach."

Miikka Tuomola
CRO, RecRight


Starting point

What RecRight needed help with

  • RecRight wanted to validate its capability to enter foreign markets, which in this case meant Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. 
  • Expanding into foreign markets was not easy, and it required a significant investment of time and resources. To ensure their entry into these markets was a success, they sought the support of our experts to help them develop a go-to-market strategy.
  • In addition to that, RecRight also wanted guidance with an experimentation-based approach and strategic marketing.

Why RecRight chose Advance B2B

  • We had already worked together in the past, so the RecRight team came to Advance B2B, knowing our expertise with SaaS companies and a very international understanding of SaaS businesses and their growth. They also viewed Advance B2B as a reliable strategic marketing partner.
  • Advance B2B's expertise filled the skill gaps in RecRight’s internal team—the AB2B team included a marketing strategist, a paid acquisition specialist, and a content marketer.

"Expanding into new markets can be challenging. But with the right strategy and strategic partner, it can also be incredibly rewarding."


Some examples of our work

With little time to spare and much to do, the team agreed on a multichannel advertising-heavy approach that could effectively reach and engage their target audience. 

We knew that having a comprehensive marketing plan was critical to the success of Recright's market entry into Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. But we were also lacking the information we needed to build our strategy. 

And the best way to gather accurate information? 

Talking to customers! 

So we got to work immediately with our customer research. After numerous customer interviews in Sweden and Denmark, we discovered three main messaging that could potentially work in our target markets. 

Then comes the next step: experimentation. 

We built our experiments around market understanding and research including:

  • Testing three main messaging based on our customer research in different channels
  • Experimenting with various wordings and languages for all messaging. We wanted to find out if we should work in the local language or English.
  • Running awareness-stage campaigns with video ads of how Recright solves recruitment problems
  • Experimenting with a new approach to webinar campaigns: Sales gave a list of prospects, and webinars were targeted directly to them, which solidified the cooperation between sales and marketing and gave us a lot of really relevant leads. 


As we continued working on the project with RecRight, we saw some promising results.

  • With each campaign, we gained more knowledge and awareness about our target markets and used this information to refine our strategy further. 
  • We discovered that some messaging worked better than others, and we were able to focus our efforts on the ones that generated the most engagement and interest.
  • We also found that testing different languages and wordings was crucial in understanding the preferences of our target audience. This allowed us to tailor our messaging to specific markets and create more relevant and effective campaigns.
  • In addition, our experimentation with webinars proved to be a valuable tool in generating leads and solidifying the cooperation between sales and marketing. 
  • By targeting prospects directly and providing relevant content in the webinars, we were able to establish a connection with potential customers and guide them through the sales funnel.

"The insights we gained from each campaign iteration allowed us to tailor our messaging accordingly to specific markets and audiences."

Miikka Tuomola
CRO, RecRight



Here are some of the biggest learnings for the Recright team:

  • Video ads play an important role in the experiment of testing different messages in each market. Target audiences responded very well to the awareness-stage videos through social media advertising (high reach and video view rate). 
  • While conversions don’t come immediately, MoM awareness went up immediately — it’s still a positive advertising spend ROI!
  • How to get through to our target audiences. We’ve gained a lot of valuable insights from our language test experiments, even though it was a short test that was done quite late in the project. It was short but very sweet!
  • Focusing on one market at a time is better than casting a wide net. We initially aimed for the entire Nordic. However, based on the insights we received from our campaigns, we gained an understanding and knowledge of what markets to focus on. 
  • High-quality webinars matter. Our collaboration was the perfect example of content ❤️ paid advertising. When it comes to creating high-value webinar content, the Recright team most certainly has it in their blood to deliver just that and more! All we needed to do was to get in front of the right audience with the help of their sales team. 

Apart from being a strategic partner in their go-to-market strategy, our goal was to ensure that the knowledge and insights we gained during the project would not go to waste. Instead, Recright will utilize them for their continued success in the Nordics. 

We compiled our most important learnings into a handover document, which included our findings and suggestions for the next steps, particularly in advertising for continued growth and expansion.

Needless to say, we were pleased with the results of the project and believed that Recright was well-positioned for success in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

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