[Customer case] Mediamaisteri

In other words: How we teamed up with Mediamaisteri to help them grow their business through growth marketing. 🚀

Mediamaisteri is a Finnish company that sells e-learning products. They also have a learning management system and services around it, such as trainings. 

Among other things, we have helped them move from a more high-touch sales model towards a lower-touch one (for example by creating a pricing page as soon as we could 🤑).

Mediamaisteri has no intention to be fully no-touch (at least at this point), and sales will continue to require hard work from their sales team — but at the same time, we're helping them eliminate any unnecessary sales work and allow their salespeople to focus on good-fit leads.

So cool, and just the kind of challenge we love at Advance B2B. 💪

Our cooperation started in May 2021, and we got started with ambitious goals right from the get-go. On this page, you’ll find out what we set out to do, and how we did it.

Let’s dive in! 🤿


The starting point 🤩

What Mediamaisteri needed help with 🤔

  • Getting more leads to the pipeline 
  • A systematic approach to marketing
  • Moving from single actions to a more holistic strategic approach
  • Mediamaisteri had no clear marketing goals in mind before the cooperation, so they also looked for help with setting them. 

Why they chose to work with us 🙏

  • An agency is better than a new hire: Much more gets done when there is a group of people working together
  • Advance B2B’s marketing mindset: Marketing is about sales and growth = growth marketing. Our way of working is consistent and believable, with a fully mapped-out process and end goals
  • Advance B2B’s SaaS-specific knowledge and understanding, as well as our core messages, simple pricing, and agile model
  • Advance B2B’s customer first approach: During the sales process, we made a demo landing page for them. On that page, we showcased and demonstrated our customer-centric process by creating carefully thought-out content for a specific target audience through their real-life pain points
  • We actually make things happen instead of just talking about doing so 🤩

👈 When our cooperation started

Here are some examples of what we’ve been up to

  • Our most important KPI for the moment is the number of leads coming in, but we’re also looking at MQLs, SQLs, and the processes around them 📈
    • In recent months, we’ve been following opportunities that turn into paid customers, and we’ve seen funnel conversions improve. The opportunity to customer conversion has doubled in the last month compared to the 12-month average. 🎉
  • We've created a concrete growth strategy
    • Identified bottlenecks include not getting in front of the right prospects at the right time and brand awareness
    • Our growth strategy includes strategic growth marketing with clearly mapped content marketing and advertising tactics for every step of the funnel
  • A new pricing page: There wasn’t one before
  • New content like blog posts and an e-book 👇


  • For the e-book, we optimized and refreshed an existing downloadable by restructuring the content and layout. We also updated the dedicated landing page created for it. 

Top highlights so far

Our contact person Arttu especially highlights the Advance B2B approach to customer research.

The Mediamaisteri team really gained an understanding of what their customers’ pain points are. The team also appreciated how we combined our systematic approach with the Jobs to be Done framework.

We also got extra praise for the consistent new tone of voice we brought to the company and communication, and the systematic approach to everything we do.

Admittedly, we do like to measure everything we’re doing, as well as document it all and keep a good structure.

And of course, our agile scrum model with its regular meetings and checkups helps keep it all together.

What does the future look like? 🔮

Future focus

  • Getting more leads, of course
  • Hopefully we can also focus more on customer experience and the customer lifecycle as a whole
  • In the future, it would also be great to go abroad and find Mediamaisteri's place in the international space 🌍

What will we accomplish together next? 

  • Have the foundation set up
  • Go above and beyond our expectations and KPIs
  • Strengthen and deepen our relationship and cooperation, and to be able to find new ways to serve customers together

Hear it from the source


We are a B2B SaaS company that offers e-learning solutions. We realized that we needed to scale our marketing efforts, and we chose Advance B2B to help us with that, mainly because of their experience with similar B2B SaaS companies. 

We started our cooperation by identifying our ICP, and from that ICP work, we realized that there was a lot of development work that we needed to do with our positioning. Advance B2B was there to help us along the entire way. 

With many organizations of our size, it isn’t possible to hire all of the experts needed for a marketing team. We would’ve needed to hire over 10 in-house marketers to cover everything from growth marketing, paid ads, content marketing, data analytics, etc. So we really value that we can have all of the best experts from Advance B2B whenever needed.”

Arttu Kotakorpi

Mediamaisteri Oy

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