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Customer story


HubSpot onboarding & integration with Salesforce

About Kemppi

Kemppi is a Finnish company specializing in welding arc solutions, including products, services, and digital tools. The company traces a long history of innovation in welding and is credited with several groundbreaking products and technologies.

With a network spanning over 70 countries, Kemppi mainly sells through dealers and distributors. Their main target audience is the end-users, specifically top-level decision makers, tech engineers, and welders in industrial B2B companies (shipyards, contractors, etc.).

However, they initially did not have enough knowledge about their prospects since their past client base was largely composed of dealers. Their target audience wasn't in their CRM either, so they needed to resort to other ways to gather contact information and revamp their existing client base.

In terms of marketing, Kemppi's messaging is geared toward end-users. To address the gap between the company and its desired target audience, we collaborated with them from early November 2021 to February 2022 for the first sprint of the project.

Services provided

HubSpot onboarding
Integrating HubSpot x Salesforce

"AB2B has been really helpful! Juho has been our main connection and has been helping me a lot even after the project. I’m hoping we have AB2B as our long-term partner with marketing automation. [They are] very professional."

Krista Kihlman


Starting point

What Kemppi needed help with

  • One of their biggest challenges was HubSpot onboarding, particularly integrating it with Salesforce.
  • The team found former marketing automation software difficult to use and wanted to switch to HubSpot for marketing automation.
  • They found that HubSpot was easy enough to use. It also allowed them to bring their subsidiaries' marketing staff onboard.
  • Kemppi also needed help getting started with moving their newsletters onto HubSpot.

Why Kemppi chose Advance B2B

  • Kemppi studied several options and chose AB2B because they felt we were a good match.
  • After searching for HubSpot partners in Finland, they found our website, checked us out, and decided to contact us.
  • The Kemppi team also wanted someone with a high HubSpot partnership. Since we're a Diamond-level partner, that was another point in our favor.
  • They appreciated our professionalism and how we presented our offer. They felt we were in the best position to help them expand their partner portfolio.

"I’m hoping we have AB2B as our long-term partner with marketing automation."


Examples of our work

  • In-depth assessments of the state of affairs of their marketing and sales teams through questionnaires and interviews
  • Workshops to facilitate their better understanding of HubSpot's features and how to use them
  • Assistance with the technical implementation, such as integrating HubSpot with Salesforce
  • Involving internal users in training workshops and getting their feedback
  • Creating customized templates, workflows, and lists in HubSpot
  • Proper documentation for ongoing use
  • Ongoing support for any questions or issues that may arise
Reference work image Kemppi

KPIs / Marketing goals

Some of the marketing goals that Kemppi hoped HubSpot could help with were:

  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand building
  • Creating a pull in the market
  • Fully utilizing HubSpot for future endeavors (e.g., eCommerce site and marketing campaigns)
  • Improved workflow between marketing and sales, as well as with dealers


  • The team at Kemppi is extremely happy with HubSpot, and they've been able to quickly get up to speed with the platform, thanks to our help.
  • Increase in website traffic and newsletter subscribers with more efficient list segmentation.
  • The Kemppi team can now reach end-users more effectively and better understand their needs.


  • We collaborated with Kemppi for the first sprint of the project from early November 2021 to February 2022.
  • The biggest challenge for Kemppi was getting started with HubSpot and integrating it with Salesforce.
  • They overcame this by working with us — we helped with the technical implementation, training, and workshops.
  • Kemppi can now use HubSpot more effectively for future endeavors, such as their eCommerce site expansion and marketing campaigns.
  • Our partnership continued on from August 2022 upon completion of the project. We look forward to more development and growth with Kemppi!

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