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Customer story

HR DataHub

Acting as a fully outsourced strategic marketing team

About HR DataHub

HR DataHub is an HR intelligence platform that helps HR professionals access data-led sector insights to better understand how the HR world is moving around them.

The platform collects HR data straight from organizations in all sectors and uses it to provide reliable market analysis across all HR activities — so that organizations can benchmark themselves against others, safely and confidentially.

As a small business without an in-house marketing function, HR DataHub needed a partner to whom they could fully outsource the marketing function.

Read on to find out how we worked together with HR DataHub, or watch the video below!


Services provided

Marketing & Advertising strategy
ICP research, positioning, messaging
Content marketing
Fully outsourced marketing team

"Marketing for the longest time, really since the company started, looked like us trying to do what we could on LinkedIn. We were really struggling to get a cohesive message out and to get a cohesive approach. The biggest challenge was that we didn’t know what was working."

Alexa Grellet
Co-founder, HR DataHub


Marketing at HR DataHub before Advance B2B

The ‘before picture’ of HR DataHub was just like many other early-stage B2B SaaS companies: they did what they could with the resources they had. And while they were growing, they knew they needed more hands on deck and a more strategic approach. 

The question was:

  • do they hire internally,
  • or outsource to an agency?

After weighing the pros and cons, the answer became clear: if HR DataHub wanted to reach their goals, they’d have to hire a small army of experts. 

And so they did.

Marketing at HR DataHub now

"Advance B2B became our entire marketing team, and we're so happy about it."

The marketing operations at HR DataHub became cohesive, targeted, and data-driven, with all of the technical foundations set in place.

Our outsourced and dedicated team for HR DataHub included a Marketing Strategist, Content Marketer, and Advertising Strategist, as well as privileged access to the extended team of Advancers if the need arose (with design or marketing technology, for instance).

Why a marketing partner all the way over in Finland?

HR DataHub had clear requirements for the type of agency they wanted to work with. They seeked a partner:

  • Specialized in B2B SaaS companies 
  • with a range of internal expertise across the entire funnel 
  • That's heavily focused on customer research 

It didn’t matter that we weren't located in the UK, as long as our time zones allowed us to meet and work together efficiently. They truly just wanted the best team for the job.


The strategy phase

The Advance B2B marketing strategy phase is pretty intense (and for good reason!) 

We usually spend about 8 weeks doing heavy digging into your business and customers. That includes:

  • Content audits and keyword research 
  • Paid acquisition audits
  • Hubspot CRM audits
  • Extensive qualitative customer research 
  • Brand, positioning, and messaging work
  • Product packaging and pricing (if relevant)

The deal maker: customer research

Our approach to customer research was one of the key selling points for HR DataHub.

And it’s lucky for us, too – because we believe customer research is an irreplaceable part of any company’s growth strategy. You need to talk to your customers to find out who they are, who they think you are, and where you can find more people like them.

We spoke to several of HR DataHub’s customers to help solidify their thoughts about their customers’ behavior –and debunk some internal myths too!

Other things we’ve worked

As well as building HR DataHub’s holistic growth marketing strategy, we have:

  • Restructured Google Ads accounts and launched ads
  • Started testing ad channels (Linkedin)
  • Content work: pillar pages and blog posts to provide answers to the target audience's questions and establish HR DataHub's authority on search engines. 
  • Product launch and re-engaging prospects

Take a look at a few of the examples below:


The best thing about working with Advance B2B?

We can’t say it any better than Alexa, Co-Founder at HR DataHub: 

“You are this collection of badass people that are just so competent and kind and just really, really good. And that's the kind of people that we want to work with.”

As well as our amazing team, the learning culture and generosity of knowledge sharing that we create with our customers is something HR DataHub d values highly.

You see, we do better when our customers do better. The more knowledge we can share, the more competent and skilled marketers our customers can become, and that’s a double win for both of us. 

Let's have a talk!

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