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Customer story


Merging two websites into one & migrating to HubSpot

About Heeros

Heeros makes the complicated world of financial and business management, HR, and payroll simpler. Smart solutions are easy to implement and use, saving time and money.

When their team first approached us, the company’s offering was scattered between two competing websites: an existing Heeros website, and a newly acquired Taimer.

They were hoping to build a modern hub that is clear, not a headache to navigate, and faithfully reflects Heeros' new strategic direction and brand.

Services provided

Website strategy
Website design
Website implementation
HubSpot Content Hub onboarding

"Heeros' collaboration with Advance B2B was characterized by professionalism, creativity, and a deep commitment to achieving set objectives. The project not only went live on time and within budget—a rarity in such complex endeavors—but also brought a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment to the team members."

Jarno Lehikoinen
Chief Revenue Officer

Jarno Lehikoinen 1

Starting point

What Heeros needed support with

  • Heeros' offering was scattered between two competing websites. Both websites also struggled with poor design choices and navigation issues.
  • Outdated content that no longer reflected the company strategy
  • With poor conversion rates, no lead magnets in place, the website did not support business goals overall.

Why Heeros chose us

  • AB2B was mainly chosen as a partner because of our deep understanding of SaaS businesses, especially the PLG strategies.
  • One of the goals was to migrate to HubSpot, and AB2B felt like a natural choice for this.
  • Other factors in the decision-making process were customer references and NPS scores.

"The project not only went live on time and within budget, but also brought a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment to the team members."


Project goals

  • Merge the Heeros and Taimer brands into one unified website while maintaining good search engine visibility.
  • Create a customizable pricing page that meets the needs of different customers and helps gain their trust with transparent costs.
  • Enable demo bookings and free trials, drive PLG strategy
  • Solve any technical issues to make sure the new website performs excellently on Google’s performance evaluations.

Strategic partnership

The highlight of the project was that we were able to work as one team, keeping our partnership strategic while still delivering all the tactical improvements that needed to get done. 

In other words, we were able to connect brand, business, and technology into a well-performing website, that tells the Heeros story as it should be told.

The AB2B project team consisted of:

  • Project manager, who had overall responsibility for the project
  • Marketing strategist, who conducted an analytics audit and advised on the website strategy
  • Technical expert, who planned all the technical setups of the new website
  • Designer, who took care of the UX, UI, and everything visual
  • Developer, who built everything according to the plans

Results & highlights

  • A logical, user-friendly navigation structure that significantly improved the user journey.
  • The introduction of a pricing page, which was a critical component for transparency and lead generation.
  • Timeline was kept 
  • Budget was kept 
  • Positive feedback on the website's design and functionality, reflecting Heeros' brand and business goals effectively. 

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