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Customer story

Hamina Wireless

Expanding reach with ICP work, targeted advertising, and end-to-end process design

About Hamina Wireless

Hamina Wireless is a Helsinki-based startup that develops innovative software for Wi-Fi design. Their groundbreaking software caters to the unique needs of Wi-Fi experts in complex areas like offices, hospitals, airports, and warehouses. 

Hamina Wireless’ advanced software tool is tailored to design Wi-Fi solutions for diverse spaces and needs. With their headquarters in Finland, they have a team of 20 dedicated professionals who are on a mission to make Wi-Fi design easily accessible with their cutting-edge technology.

Services provided

Marketing Strategy
ICP & messaging
End-to-end process design

"Advance B2B’s direct and no-nonsense approach aligns perfectly with Hamina Wireless’ company culture and work style, which has been crucial to our success.

For other companies looking for an agency, it's crucial to treat the agency as part of the team to ensure successful cooperation."

Julia von dem Knesebeck
Head of Marketing, Hamina Wireless


Starting point

What Hamina Wireless needed support with

  • In the summer of 2023, Hamina Wireless and Advance B2B formed a partnership to tackle the challenges they faced as a startup company operating in the complex field of Wi-Fi design.
  • With only a small team and a single marketing person, Hamina Wireless needed a comprehensive support system to succeed. They needed a partner who could handle both the SaaS and performance aspects of their business. Specifically, they needed help building a robust lead-tracking process.
  • Recognizing the importance of a strong marketing strategy, Hamina Wireless approached Advance B2B for assistance.

Why Hamina Wireless chose to work with us

  • Hamina Wireless needed a partner with extensive experience in working with SaaS businesses and could offer both strategic and technical marketing services. 
  • Julia von dem Knesebeck, Head of Marketing at Hamina Wireless, had previously collaborated with Advance B2B and understood our strategic depth and expertise. Her valuable insights into the partnership laid the foundation for a successful collaboration. 
  • The Hamina Wireless team also appreciated our highly flexible sprint approach, which allows us to adjust our goals and activities every month to ensure they align with Hamina Wireless’ needs. 
  • As the partnership continues to evolve, Hamina Wireless is gradually establishing and affirming its presence in the market, with Advance B2B as a trusted ally in this journey.

"Advance B2B’s direct and no-nonsense approach aligns perfectly with Hamina Wireless’ company culture and work style, which has been crucial to our success.”


Some examples of our work

As we move ahead, we have initiated a series of monthly sprints to lay the groundwork for a transformative year by achieving sustainable growth. 

We have: 

  • Worked collaboratively to create a strategy to provide the foundation for optimal performance. 
  • Analyzed the market intricacies to refine our approach and resonate with our target audience.
  • Launched Google Ads campaigns to venture into the digital realm and reach a niche market. 
  • Kickstarted website refinement guided by strategic insights to enhance the user experience and align digital presence.

As we continue to pursue further initiatives, we look forward to the tangible outcomes shaping the trajectory of Hamina Wireless's presence in the competitive landscape.

Results and highlights

Flexibility is essential in a constantly evolving business environment, especially for a dynamic startup like Hamina Wireless. Julia believes that Advance B2B's direct and no-nonsense approach aligns perfectly with Hamina Wireless' company culture and work style, which has been crucial to their success.

Advance B2B’s structured sprint-based approach has also greatly benefited Hamina Wireless' marketing initiatives. It provides them with a clear view of their progress and results without unnecessary embellishments.

Hamina Wireless had some enlightening moments while building their marketing strategy. This was achieved thanks to our collaborative efforts and their willingness to receive feedback, both positive and negative. Although at times the feedback might have been difficult to hear, it was invaluable in refining Hamina Wireless’ messaging and customer communication strategy.

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