[Customer Case] Gapps

How we’re working with Gapps to build their growth marketing strategy, clarify their offering and reach some pretty lofty goals for their Your Google Workspace services. 


Gapps is a digital work partner that provides cloud software consulting, licensing, implementation and support for companies looking to level up their tools and processes. 

Their ultimate goal is to help their customers work smarter, easier, and more sustainably. In other words, to help their work flow. 

Our collaboration with Gapps first began in 2021 with their Hubspot website implementation project. Then (luckily for us ❤️) they chose us as their growth marketing partner in 2022.

In our short time working as a growth marketing team with Gapps, we’ve built a rock-solid growth marketing strategy, nailed down their ICP and begun to work in agile sprints, focusing on a growing part of their business: continuous services.


The starting point ⚡️

Things that Gapps needed support for:

  • Gapps has traditionally been a strongly sales-led organization, with marketing playing a significantly smaller role until recently. 
  • If Gapps wanted to meet their goals and expectations of marketing, it was too much for a small in-house team to do alone.
  • They were looking for a non-traditional marketing partner (that’s us!) who would do more than just awareness & acquisition tactics – and instead build a growth marketing mindset into the entire funnel. 

Why they chose Advance B2B 🙏🏼:

  • They loved working with us on their HubSpot website implementation – so it was a no brainer 🧠
  • Gapps also wanted to leverage all of HubSpot’s capabilities (which we just happen to be great at!)
  • Our non-traditional marketing approach, the frameworks we use, and our ways of working were a big plus.
  • The range of specialized expertise in the Advance B2B team made Gapps confident that we could tackle the trickiest of marketing challenges.

Building Gapps’ first growth marketing strategy 🥇

As a largely sales-led organization with a more traditional marketing style (working in campaigns with long-term marketing plans) working with an external partner that uses an agile methodology, works in sprints, and doesn’t plan exact tactics months in advance could have been a challenge. 

But luckily, things have been running ultra smoothly because of two things:

✅ The Gapps team’s eagerness to learn and move towards an agile ways of working not only in their marketing, but in their growth operations as a whole. 

✅The Advance B2B team clearly communicating at every step of the way, making sure the wider Gapps team knew how our agile marketing operations would run. 

Pinpointing Gapps’ ideal customers 📍

As part of our growth marketing strategy process for each and every customer, we run an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)  workshop, interview our customer’s best customers, and present a detailed ICP that can be used across the customer’s business.

The ICP workshop and customer research phase brought the most value (like it does for many of our customers!) mainly because it helped Gapps make tough decisions as a company – about who their ideal customers are, why it’s important to focus on them, and how to let go of preconceived ideas about what their customers want or think. 


One of the most important things that happened during the strategy phase was that we were finally able to make certain business decisions that had not been so easy for us in the past.” 

Niko Kultalahti

Head of Marketing


Working as a team 🤝

When we mentioned earlier that Gapps chose us because of our ways of working, one of those ways is that we don’t have project managers for our growth marketing customers.

This means that customers have direct collaboration with the team of Advancers that are working on their marketing, including their dedicated Growth Marketing Strategist, Content Marketing Strategist and Paid Acquisition Specialist. No non-marketing project managers or intermediaries in sight.

The result of working this way? We’ll just leave this here… 

"The best part of working with Advance B2B is that there's no project managers. We’re just working together as a team of marketers – and everyone just gets it. It feels like we have our own Gapps team, and then we have our extended team together.”

Top highlights ✨

Alongside developing a comprehensive growth marketing strategy for Gapps (including content, paid acquisition and Google Search Console audits, as well as defining Gapps’ ICP), the Advance B2B team started to work away on some initial marketing activities and fixes, like:

  • Product pricing and packaging 
  • New Health Check for Your Google Workspace campaign (EN+FI)
  • New service page for Your Google Workspace (EN+FI)
  • CRO adjustments to the Gapps website

What’s next for Gapps and Advance B2B?

We’re only just getting started, the strategy is clear and the future bright ✨

Over the next few months, we’ll continue to carry out marketing activities that will bring us closer to our goals for Gapps and their continuous services. 

"What we’re looking forward to with Advance B2B is to make marketing the key revenue driver for Gapps in the near future.” 

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