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Customer story


Customized HubSpot, Sales & Marketing alignment, and lead magnets

About Calqulate

Calqulate’s mission is to make finance understandable and actionable.

Their financial analytics platform helps startups and growth companies understand their current and future business performance to achieve faster growth.

Calqulate was looking for a partner to scale up their marketing operations.

Services provided

Marketing strategy
Sales & marketing alignment
HubSpot processes
Customer onboarding

"Ali, Mikko, and Audrey from Advance B2B were a crucial part of Calqulate’s marketing development. Advance B2B helped us master our HubSpot CRM and pimp the hell out of it with lead magnets, CRM nurturing scores and a lead scoring system."

Cameron Murphy
Head of Growth, Calqulate

Cameron Murphy

Starting point

Biggest challenges Calqulate wanted us to help with

Why they chose Advance B2B

  • Our experience working with many similar B2B SaaS companies
  • Ability to scale up marketing in different areas: content, HubSpot, growth marketing, etc.
  • Agile working to get things done

"Their professionalism and proactive help cut months off at scaling our marketing efforts and have been a notable acceleration in our growth."


Some examples of our work

  • Align Calqulate's marketing and sales.
  • A welcome campaign together with a user onboarding process that included a workflow and email sequences on Hubspot.
  • A lead nurturing process and a lead scoring system with custom attributes on Hubspot.
  • Various downloadables to be used as lead magnets, addressing TOFU and MOFU
  • A Hubspot landing page template for lead magnets.
  • Audited Calqulate’s website and made recommendations for improvements to get more ICP leads.


In our partnership with Calqulate, we assisted them in:

  • Developing a robust marketing strategy and plan to strengthen their marketing operations.
  • Optimizing their entire sales processes, including their sales funnel, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and aligning the sales with marketing.

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