Cookie banner setup projects πŸͺ

As per GDPR, website visitors should be able to give separate consent for different types of cookies they want to accept or decline, as well as withdraw their consent.

What and why? πŸ‘‰

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR to close friends) is a regulation on the way how our data and privacy are protected. GDPR is our friend and here to protect us! 

In order to make sure we're abiding by all those laws, we need to ensure that all our websites have a proper cookie banner that has been set up correctly to ensure that accepting and declining cookies is easy and straightforward.

The best practice to manage your external tags and pixels (Google Analytics, LinkedIn, LeadFeeder etc.) is to house them all in Google Tag Manager.

Once you get a cookie management product (so, a dedicated tool for this) that you configure through GTM as well, you can create categories and filters to these tags and pixels. Then you can debug, test and manage them better.

We typically recommend migrating to either Cookiebot or OneTrust and that they are installed and configured through Google Tag Manager.

So, what can we do for you?

We'll create an up-to-date, GDPR-compliant cookie banner with mandated cookie categories and the opportunity to modify the consent mid-session. βœ…


Here’s how it works πŸ‘‡

What the project contains 

  • Consultation on which cookie banner provider to choose and how to buy it 
  • We offer you a standard copy for the banner β€” you are free to write your own, of course
  • Matching the cookie banner to your brand colors and adding your logo
  • Setting up the cookie banner from GTM
  • Configurations and testing: Setting up cookie categories and subjugating each cookie tag correctly from GTM
  • A/B testing campaigns of the cookie banner to improve acceptance rate can be provided and purchased separately

What we need from you 

  • You'll need to purchase a cookie management system that can be configured through Google Tag Manager
  • Our data analyst needs access to WordPress/HubSpot (to remove previous code) and to Google Tag Manager
  • You need to understand which tags are needed and which not. We are happy to consult when needed, of course, but this will take some extra time



What does it cost?

Typically, the price is 2,550 € plus the price of the cookie banner itself.

The price of the cookie banner usually stretches from free to some dozens of euros a month, depending on the amount of your domains and pages.

Standard delivery time: 2 weeks from sharing access to the cookie platform chosen you've chosen + your GTM account.

 If you want more details, we'd love to help you. πŸ‘‡

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Should you let us help you?

The answer is: Probably yes.

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