Paid acquisition

We’ll help you get some serious bang for your B2B media budget by focusing on the right channels, audiences, and messages.

Great content + targeted ads = €€€

The hard truth is that paid acquisition is not some silver bullet that will magically put your B2B business on a growth trajectory.

For paid channels to bring you euros (instead of just views and clicks), you’ll need three things: 1) a thorough understanding of your ideal customers, 2) some damn great ad copy and website content, and 3) a systematic process for optimizing campaign performance.

Luckily, we can help with all three.


Here’s how it works

Search engine marketing (SEM) on Google Ads

Once we have a clear understanding of your business, audience, and goals, we’ll help you find the right keywords to target. Hint: they’re the exact words your audience uses to search for your product, service, or content — not too broad to attract large volumes of irrelevant traffic. 

Next up, we write ad copy and extensions that match the selected keywords and the content on your landing pages. That way your quality score goes up and your cost per click goes down. If needed, we can also make recommendations for improving your landing page copy for better results.

When we’ve set up the right tracking parameters and segmented audiences based on their behavior, it’s time to start the fun part: monitoring and optimizing the results. By constantly experimenting with different ad variants, bidding strategies, and keywords, we’re able to drive better results. 

Every month, we’ll have a meeting to go over the results and brainstorm new experiments to run.


Paid social on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

If your goal is to increase brand awareness or keep your existing audience engaged, paid social can be a great way to achieve that.

Once we’ve set clear goals and chosen the best channels for reaching those goals, we’ll find the right targeting criteria for each campaign. This can be anything from retargeting to lookalike audiences, or from interests to roles or industries.

Next, we’ll add tracking pixels on your website and set up event tracking on the advertising platform and Google Analytics. We’ll constantly test different ad variants, audience segments, and ad formats to optimize the results.

Once a month, we’ll go over the results together and come up with new experiments to run.

Why Advance B2B?

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Euros over clicks

We don’t really care how many eyeballs or clicks your campaign got (unless your only goal was to get views or traffic). Under any normal circumstances, we’ll focus on minimizing your customer acquisition cost, and report on that in €.

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Constant optimization

We don’t believe in “set it and forget it”. We’re constantly following trends and tracking your results to see which channels, ad variants, and formats are bringing you the best results. Then we double down on the best performers and scrap the rest.

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Ad copy that converts

We’re quick to recognize if your content — be it blog posts, videos, or product pages — is worth advertising. If it’s not, we can help you create content and ad copy that converts. That’s kind of our thing.

Should we do paid acquisition together?

These signs suggest that we should, in fact, work together:

  • You work at a B2B company that’s looking to get better results through paid acquisition
  • You have a good understanding of your ideal customer segments, their biggest pain points, and motivations — OR you’re willing to invest in gaining that understanding
  • You have great content that appeals to your ideal customers — OR you’re willing to invest in creating that kind of content

If you nodded three times, you know what to do 👇


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