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Customer story


Building a robust strategic marketing engine and leveraging HubSpot CRM

About Strategyzer

With decades of experience, Strategyzer has made significant strides in revolutionizing the way businesses approach strategy and innovation. 

Specializing in providing tools, methodologies, and training for strategic thinking, Strategyzer is renowned for developing the influential Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas. Strategyzer's tools have become indispensable to organizations worldwide.

In April 2023, Strategyzer embarked on a collaboration journey with Advance B2B. This collaboration was aimed at aligning strategies and establishing clear goals for their partnership throughout the year.

Services provided

Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing
HubSpot development

Starting point

What Strategyzer needed help with

  • Strategyzer grappled with the complexity of establishing a marketing function with a solid foundation.
  • They had previously struggled with multiple agency partnerships that failed to align with their unique working approach.
  • As a relatively small company, Strategyzer needed strategic guidance coupled with a hands-on approach to marketing.
  • The goal was to build a robust marketing engine while better leveraging their existing CRM system, HubSpot.

Why they chose to work with us

  • Despite a history of bad vendor experiences, Lucy Luo, Head of Content and Marketing at Strategyzer, was cautiously optimistic when engaging with Advance B2B.
  • What turned the tide was the precision and relevance demonstrated in our subsequent proposal.
  • It was clear to them that we understood Strategyzer's needs and possessed the expertise to deliver the results they were looking for.

"It's hard to find a good agency. But I keep hearing good things about Advance B2B from our team."

Alexander Osterwalder
Founder and CEO, Strategyzer


"For those considering a partnership with Advance B2B, we recommend keeping a long-term objective in mind."


Some examples of our work

Working with us, Stragyzer realized the value of conducting documented experiments. Their prior endeavors often lacked the crucial step of reporting outcomes.

Today, Strategyzer engages in testing, followed by analysis, learning, and the formulation of informed decisions for the future.

The implementation of structured retrospectives (monthly sessions during which we benchmark our performance against our goals, review sprint tasks, and discuss future sprints) has also proven immensely valuable. These retrospectives, now an established tradition, facilitate expectation management and provide a platform to revisit learnings and chart future courses.

Strategyzer's current focus lies in learning, crafting a long-term strategy, and nurturing their marketing capabilities including:

  • Streamlining processes: Advance B2B's expertise helped Strategyzer streamline processes and effectively leverage HubSpot, creating a symbiotic relationship between sales and marketing.
  • Making evidence-based decisions: Strategyzer improved resource allocation and capacity building based on data-driven insights thus enhancing their ability to make informed choices.

Results and highlights

Through their collaboration with Advance B2B, Strategyzer's perspective shifted from viewing a vendor to having a true partner.

An essential lesson learned was the importance of structured experimentation, reporting results, and using data to make informed decisions.

Among other highlights from our partnership are:

  • Impactful retrospectives: Regular retrospectives led by Advance B2B helped Strategyzer identify successful strategies and those that needed refinement, all while leading with empathy.
  • Positioning and SEO strategy: Tiny yet impactful tweaks guided by Advance B2B improved Strategyzer's positioning and SEO strategy, increasing their visibility.
  • Advertising campaigns: Collaborating on advertising campaigns led to insights that helped Strategyzer optimize ad spend and significantly reduce the cost per lead (CPL).
  • Dormant contacts utilization: By re-engaging with dormant contacts, Strategyzer discovered a treasure trove of potential leads that were previously overlooked.

As Strategyzer continues their journey with Advance B2B, they emphasize the significance of having a long-term collaboration objective. The collaboration is not solely about immediate revenue but is focused on nurturing learning, long-term strategy, and building robust marketing capabilities.

Last but not least, here's a piece of advice from Strategyzer:

"For those considering a partnership with Advance B2B, we recommend keeping a long-term objective in mind. Focus on collaboration that aligns with your overarching goals, understanding that Advance B2B excels at helping businesses build a roadmap for the future."

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