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Customer story

QPR Software

Creating a new website & increasing time on page by 20% in 2 months

About QPR Software

QPR Software is a software and solution provider specializing in process mining, process and enterprise architecture modeling, and performance management. 

QPR Software needed help with its website redesign. Our partnership began in August 2021, and the entire project—from redesign to implementation—was completed in 2.5 months. 

QPR Software’s legacy website was built using an outdated templating system that didn’t have the same flexibility found on newer HubSpot themes.

Essentially, that means you needed coding skills to make any kind of updates to the website. As a result, website editing was extremely difficult for the marketing team. 

Since we strongly believe in the power of a good website, we jumped head-on into making it a reality. 

The outcome? Within two months of our completion of the project, QPR Software’s website saw an increase of 20.2% in average session length and a decrease of 5% in bounce rate from organic search.

Services provided

New HubSpot website project
Migration of the legacy website
SEO optimization
Mobile-friendly experience

Starting point

What QPR Software needed help with

  • Website redesign and restructuring. QPR Software’s last website update was in 2019. Due to the complexity of the previous website builder, making changes to QPR Software’s website was time-consuming and difficult.
  • Website optimization to make it more user, SEO, and mobile-friendly. 
  • Develop easily customizable website templates with editable modules. 

Why they chose Advance B2B

  • The Advance B2B approach of understanding our customer’s pain points and coming up with tailored solutions.
  • Collaboration model that allows the customer to actively participate in the process and have their voices heard.
  • Our responsiveness in answering questions from the get-go. 
  • Advance B2B’s team of experts in growth-driven design. 

Some examples of our work

  • Helped in planning and restructuring.
  • We also built wireframes and website modules.
  • We designed an interface to improve site friendliness and optimized it for mobile.
  • QPR Software was ready to say goodbye to their old website builder (which caused pain and tears every time an update was needed). So we migrated content from the old platform onto HubSpot.

"We're very happy with the results. We’ve really enjoyed cooperating with Advance B2B. Now, we’re able to make significant improvements to our website that will support our new growth strategy."

Saara Bergman
Product Marketing Manager, QPR Software

Saara Bergman


After analyzing the performance of the legacy website, we decided to make Time spent on the website and bounce rates our key performance indicators.


  • An updated HubSpot website with improved UX and UI, mobile-optimized modules, and easy internal usability. 
  • The average session length increased by 20,2% for organic search within 2 months upon project completion. 
  • The bounce rate for organic search decreased by 5% for the same time period.

"We finally have a website builder that’s up-to-date and easy to use. It’s not only the marketing team who’s happy about this: we’ve also gotten great feedback from other functions regarding the usability, clarity, and design of the new pages!"

Saara Bergman
Product Marketing Manager, QPR Software

Saara Bergman


The biggest highlight from this cooperation was helping Toggl Plan with its growth strategy. Prior to their engagement with Advance B2B, they didn’t have specific KPIs to start with. 

ICP acquisition became a core metric to measure after defining their ICPs through customer research and refining their messaging and positioning. The goal was to acquire 1000 ICPs per month by the end of December, and we hit that goal in November. 

We also had a lot of room to experiment with various campaigns, which resulted in concrete conversion results

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