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Customer story


Supporting a product to sales-led transition with strategic marketing

About ONEiO

ONEiO is an innovative cloud service provider on a mission to revolutionize the IT service management industry with its turnkey integration solution.

2022 was a year of twists and turns for ONEiO. One of the changes the company made was to move from a product-led to a sales-led approach.

And that affects everything; the content you create for sales and marketing, your story, and even the structure of the website.

So when our cooperation started in late spring of 2022, there was a lot of work to be done. Together with ONEiO, we built a marketing strategy where we set them on their journey to clarify positioning, target audience, and messaging.


Services provided

Marketing & advertising strategy
ICP research, positioning, messaging
Content marketing

"The strategy process enabled us to better understand how Advance B2B can support us in our go-to-market efforts."

Eetu Valjakka
Growth Lead


Starting point

What ONEiO needed help with

  • Clarifying positioning
  • Raising awareness
  • Increasing trust and authority
  • Executing marketing based on strategy

Why they chose Advance B2B

  • For our insight: we work with many different technology companies so we bring our experience from a wide perspective to our work
  • They needed a partner that could execute a wide variety of marketing tactics

Facilitating positioning work

Prior to working with us, ONEiO had been trying to define its positioning.

There were competing suggestions all tiptoeing around the right ideas. But the final wording had stayed elusive. They felt they needed another set of brains to help steer the discussion so ONEiO could find its place in the market. That’s when we hopped on board.

We reviewed:

  • the competitive landscape,
  • their product category,
  • the target audience to better understand ONEiO's role in the marketplace.

Through the discussions, it became clear how ONEiO needed to position thenselves on the market, who they want to target, and where they needs to focus their marketing efforts.


Working as one team

All AB2B clients get a dedicated team of advancers.

ONEiO’s team included:

  • a marketing strategist,
  • a content specialist,
  • a growth technology strategist,
  • an advertising specialist.

The team worked closely together with ONEiO’s marketing team, so much so that it sometimes felt as if we were one team.

Access to AB2B's extended team

In addition to the core team, ONEiO is supported by the rest of Advance B2B's experts.

Our extended group of other specialists – designers, data analysts, digital marketers, and marketing technology specialists – can jump in if and when needed.

Being able to rely on different experts means we can react quickly to address any challenges or spar about new ideas. To put it plainly, an extended team means flexibility.

"We have very good cooperation and Advance B2B has a really competent team. They are kind of like an extension of our team."

Alexandra Sevelius


Working agile allows for flexibility

Working agile kept us focused and proactive.

At the beginning of each sprint, we validated the tasks for the next 4 weeks with ONEiO.

During the sprint, we had 15-minute scrums every Monday to discuss the week’s events. Each sprint ended with a retrospective, during which we analyzed the results, discussed learnings, and determined the focus for the next sprint. 

Whenever there was a roadblock, it is communicated straight away and our team searches for solutions as quickly as possible.

"Everybody understands what needs to happen and how to use the resources available. We communicate well between scrums and sprints, which means that work does not halt if there is a roadblock. The agile model allows us to think about a solution quickly."

Alexandra Sevelius


Examples of our work

During our sprints with ONEiO, we've put the foundations for marketing in place, built a lead process, and harvested low-hanging fruits wherever we could.

An example of this is our work on ONEiO’s Hubspot processes. Once we had clearly defined them, our campaigns started to show interesting results in leads and new opportunities.

  • Changing the narrative in content & communication
  • Building up the path for lead acquisition
  • Improving SEO
  • Hubspot sales and lead process development
  • Building awareness

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