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Customer story


Building HubSpot custom objects to simplify daily operations

About Castellum

Castellum is one of the largest commercial listed property companies in the Nordic region. They develop flexible workplaces and smart logistics solutions, with a mission to create workplaces where people and organizations thrive.

They recently increased their portfolio by 12 properties. With many new leases and property details to manage, that also meant a lot more work for Castellum's leasing team.

See how we used HubSpot to greatly simplify that work for Castellum.

Services provided

HubSpot custom objects
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HubSpot onboarding, training & support service

"Advance B2B has always been very, very flexible at meeting us halfway. It was so impressive how the team learned our way of doing business to provide us the best service. During the sales process, you really listened to us, and provided a solution that really worked for us. That’s why we chose Advance B2B."

Riikka Henttonen
Marketing and Communications Manager

Riikka Henttonen

Starting point

What Castellum needed help with

  • Keeping track of property data when talking with customers became even more important for the leasing team.
  • Processes: Before HubSpot, the work was done in Excel, which meant human error, accidental deletion and other headache-inducing woes. It wasn’t the right solution, so they turned to HubSpot.
  • HubSpot expertise: And while HubSpot does a good job of tracking standard data out of the box, Castellum’s property data required a novel approach. 

Why they chose Advance B2B

  • The way we work: Working with the Advance B2B tech team was a breeze, so they decided to stick with us for the next part of their HubSpot journey.
  • Technical knowledge: Luckily, our tech team dreamed up the perfect solution for their use case – even if we hadn’t executed it at Advance B2B before (we’ll get to that a little later…)
  • Our HubSpot expertise: Castellum first introduced HubSpot to their organization with us in 2020, just for a limited amount of licenses, and a pretty narrow use case. 

"It was so impressive how the team learned our way of doing business to provide us the best service."


Castellum's HubSpot custom objects

If you aren’t too familiar with HubSpot, we can tell you now: you can do some pretty amazing things with the platform – particularly when you have someone who knows the ins and outs, like our Mikko Laaksonen.

In HubSpot, there are four standard CRM objects:

  • contacts,
  • companies,
  • deals,
  • and tickets.

There are also HubSpot-defined objects, such as products and calls.

And then, there are custom objects. Basically, custom objects help companies make their data work for them – not the other way around. The only way you can create one is by using an API, and it's not for the faint-hearted.

In Castellum’s case, they needed two custom objects for their real estate and premises, that could show at a glance: 

  • All basic real estate information from technical and sustainability information to the service offering (restaurants, meeting rooms, gym, sauna, car wash service etc.)
  • All premises; leased and vacant
  • Service Partners operating in the real estate
  • Floor areas of every premises
  • Small office, storage, and parking: leased and vacant

Without those HubSpot custom objects, the Castellum team wouldn’t have a reliable way to have an overview and communicate all of this property information with potential tenants.

Other things we worked on together

On top of  creating the abovementioned custom objects, our experienced Tech Team helped Castellum with a few other important HubSpot things to ensure that the company would get more out of the platform:

  • HubSpot onboarding 
  • HubSpot training and workshops 
  • Ongoing HubSpot support service

Castellum’s future plans for HubSpot

After experiencing part of what the platform can do when it's customized, Castellum hopes to bring HubSpot into deeper use across their organization, get more of their people to use HubSpot in their daily lives, and get an even clearer picture of their business, all in one place.

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