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About CubiCasa

CubiCasa is the fastest floor plan mobile application for real estate professionals on the market. 

With users globally, mainly concentrated in North America, the Nordics, and Australia/New Zealand, CubiCasa comprises 50 talented individuals in the United States, Finland, and other parts of Europe.

Following its acquisition by Clear Capital, a real estate valuation technology solution, and increased budget, CubiCasa partnered with Advance B2B to accelerate its growth and enhance its capabilities in the industry. 

Faced with uncertainties regarding hiring and other unknown factors, CubiCasa prioritized working with a team of marketing experts experienced in similar projects.


The starting point ⚡️

What Cubicasa needed help with

The collaboration focused on growth marketing, encompassing marketing strategies and expansion on both the company and product levels. 

CubiCasa wanted to optimize their marketing efforts beyond day-to-day tactics, such as strategy and potential business model changes. 

On top of that, they also sought to mitigate major pain points associated with hiring risks and finding the right fit for roles. Hiring an agency would give them the flexibility to scale as needed.


Why they chose to work with us

Aarne was a listener of our podcast, The Growth Hub — Advance B2B was not foreign to him. 

After meeting and reviewing numerous agencies, he decided upon our team based on the synergy between CubiCasa and us and our philosophy for driving sustainable growth.

Some of the deciding factors included:

  • Overlapping timezones
  • Compatible company profiles
  • Our experience with similar-sized companies
  • Our experimental approach (in Aarne’s words: being “wild” and allowing creativity to flow while backing it up with data)


The agile vs. waterfall- I’m a big agile believer. But- you need planning, and for the point of growth we are at, this monthly rhythm is good. For smaller companies, it might be challenging. After you have a path and statistically significant threshold, it makes sense to work in an agile way. With more data, customers, and retention, the feedback loop would be higher. Also, the systems weren’t in place when we started, but if you have a good setup, you can avoid pitfalls and just run.

Aarne Huttunen

Chief Product Officer, Cubicasa

Some examples of our work

CubiCasa recognized the challenge of identifying profitable advertising channels, particularly considering the complexity of their product and the consistently higher customer lifetime value (LTV) it offered.

A key objective was to uncover the most effective ad channels and determine the best ways to leverage them for maximum impact. This involved thorough analysis and experimentation to identify the channels that would yield the best customer acquisition and engagement results.

The desired end result of the collaboration was to define the optimal marketing and channel mix and gain a deeper understanding of the roles that CubiCasa should hire for beyond just campaign and project-based tasks.

Here are some examples: 

  • Setting up profiles and accounts: We assisted CubiCasa in creating and setting up profiles and accounts on various platforms and channels. This was particularly valuable for CubiCasa as they previously needed more experience establishing these profiles.
  • Setting up campaigns: We worked closely with CubiCasa to develop and implement effective marketing campaigns. This involved strategizing and executing campaigns across different channels to reach the target audience and drive engagement.
  • Content creation for Quora: We collaborated with CubiCasa to generate significant content for Quora. By actively participating in Quora discussions and providing valuable insights related to CubiCasa's industry, they aimed to enhance brand visibility and establish thought leadership.
  • Capturing success stories: We supported CubiCasa in crafting compelling success stories. These stories highlighted the positive experiences and outcomes that CubiCasa's customers achieved using their floor plan application. Sharing these success stories served as powerful testimonials, strengthening CubiCasa's brand reputation and attracting new customers.
  • Executing internal campaigns for dormant users: In addition to outward-facing campaigns, we also worked on internal campaigns targeting existing dormant users of CubiCasa's product. By developing targeted messaging and personalized campaigns, they aimed to re-engage these users, increase usage, and drive retention.
  • Capterra reviews: The successful implementation of Capterra reviews resulted in CubiCasa receiving an impressive accumulation of 80 positive reviews, enhancing their reputation, building customer trust, and showcasing the value and reliability of their floor plan application to prospective users.

These collaborative efforts helped CubiCasa leverage their marketing channels effectively, establish a stronger online presence, and engage new and existing users to maximize their growth potential.


Results and highlights

According to Aarne, CubiCasa appreciated our team spirit and genuine passion for delivering meaningful work. The collaboration between CubiCasa and Advance B2B proved to be a successful partnership in accelerating CubiCasa's growth marketing efforts. 

By leveraging the expertise and innovative approaches of Advance B2B, CubiCasa was able to optimize their marketing strategies, expand their reach, and adapt their business model to serve their customers better. 

A key lesson they learned was the importance of integrating external partners into the internal team structure from the start, enabling better communication, information flow, and ultimately improved results. 

“Exposing as much as possible from the customer side to the agency, explaining how the product works, and helping understand product and market fit. If your agency partners don’t know this, it will be hard or even impossible to do good marketing. Enable them to have a deep dive into your customers.”

As CubiCasa continues their growth trajectory, they are well-equipped with the knowledge and strategies gained from their collaboration with Advance B2B to further propel their success in the floor plan application industry.

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