We’re hitting a big milestone this year - our 10th anniversary! 

Let’s make it a night to remember: sign up for the partee with the form below. 👇


The last 10 years have been an incredible journey, and it wouldn’t have been the same without the amazing people who’ve been part of it... and as you're looking at this landing page right now, that means we think this includes you! ✨🫶

We’re throwing a celebration, and it just wouldn’t be complete without you there. 

So please block the evening of May 16th from your calendar (and maybe keep the next day free, too, because this party will be BIG), and join us in Helsinki for an epic party with speeches, awards, and full of memories - both old and new! 🤩

📌 Kulosaaren Casino
⏰ Time: 16:30-01:00

Please RSVP with the form below. ❤️