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How we work: Agile Marketing

Marketing has followed the same old principles for too long. It's time to revolutionise the way marketing is done.

How we work: The Agile Marketing Model

Things move rapidly in the SaaS world. Your marketing must be able to do the same.

Lean and agile methodologies, such as Scrum and DevOps, changed the IT development game; it made things faster, more flexible, and more efficient.

Marketing, on the other hand, has followed the same old principles for too long now. 12 month plans and yearly budgeting may have been suitable, and in some cases may still be, but SaaS is different. One month is SaaS may be equivalent to one year in other fields and we cannot risk the success of modern high-growth businesses with the application of old-fashioned and slow models. This means we need to rethink the way marketing operates.


A Smarter Way To Think About Marketing

Our approach is based on the Agile Marketing Methodology and takes principles from Scrum, Kanban, and lean development models. Rather than follow old plans, we must be able to iterate and adapt. That’s why we value:


How does it work?

 We work on a sprint basis where one sprint is aligned to each calendar month (12 sprints per year)

 Each Sprint starts with a Retrospective where we review and define our learnings from the previous Sprint

 This is followed by our Sprint Planning where we decide where to focus our energy and marketing efforts for the coming month - this is heavily influenced on where we stand in relation to our goals

 Then we define what specific actions we will take using our Agile Credit model

 Weekly Scrums and Reports will ensure we stay on track and everyone is up to date on where we stand

 When we reach the end of a Sprint we repeat the process and start again...

This approach ensures increased transparency, more efficient use of our time, stronger collaboration, greater flexibility, and clearer communication practices to ease inbox and calendar management. This will also ensure you will never fall into the trap of 12 month plans or be incapable of reacting quickly within an ever changing environment.

We can work with you, on your behalf, or in collaboration with your existing marketing partners. Either way, we work closely with your team to ensure our efforts are aligned and our focus is on the priorities.

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