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Trouble in pipeline paradise? Struggling with sales forecasts? Sounds like it’s high time to optimize your sales strategy, process, and/or technology. ⏰

Don’t let a leaky sales engine stifle your growth

Your sales processes and technologies are meant to make sales management, sales forecasting, and well... actual selling easier, not harder.

If your leads are not moving down the funnel, your close rate is low, and/or you keep missing your sales forecasts, telling your sales team to get better isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you’ll want to look into the underlying causes of those issues.

Your sales model and processes, the structure of your sales team, compensation models, sales-marketing alignment, and the technologies you use can make or break your whole team’s performance.

When you have the right processes and technologies in place, you can focus on leading your team. You’ll also have an easier time forecasting, optimizing the process, and most importantly, serving your future customers.


Rethink your sales strategy

It just so happens that field sales are by far the most expensive way to acquire new customers. (Shocking, right?)

To grow sustainably, you’ll want to lower your customer acquisition cost and make sure that you concentrate on closing accounts that are worth closing. 

We’ll help you reorganize your sales model by focusing on your team structure, compensation model, and sales channels. If needed, we can also help you build a self-serve online sales channel for moving your lower value products or services.

When our work is done, you’ll have a sales model that serves the needs of your business. Because that, my friend, is the only way to keep your customer acquisition costs in check.


Better processes, more sales

At the end of the day, sales math is fairly straightforward. How many deals are coming in? How much are they worth? How long is the sales cycle? And what is your close rate?

When the math doesn’t work for you, you’ll need to find the bottlenecks and remove them.

We’ll start by analyzing your sales process to see how well it serves the customer, the sales reps, and the sales director.

After we’re done with that, we’ll help you redesign and document your new process. You’re left with a better way to sell and lead the sales team.


Make the most of your sales tech

CRM is your sales team’s best friend — or at least it should be.

But even the best piece of software won’t get you far if your carefully thought-out sales process isn’t reflected in your CRM practices.

In addition to ironing out your sales process, we can help mirror the agreed structures and workflows to your existing CRM or help you start afresh with a new setup.

We know Salesforce CRM and HubSpot CRM like the backs of our hands. And should you need any help with setting them up or rebooting them, we can help you with everything, including integrations. If you’re using a different CRM, we can consult you but the technical setup will be up to you.

In addition to your CRM, we can also help you choose additional sales and marketing technology that fit your needs.

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Get return on your marketing investment

Is your business shoveling boatloads of money to marketing that pushes lukewarm leads to the no-mans-land between marketing and sales?

No more. We are intimately familiar with both sides of the story and understand how to feed your growth engine (that’s marketing and sales, you guys).

We’ll help you align your commercial process and make sure that your entire tech stack is optimized for your needs. Never again will you have to worry about losing out on business because your systems and teams aren’t talking to each other.

When your marketing and sales teams are working towards a common goal, you’ll be able to measure the real impact of your marketing investment. 

Why Advance B2B?

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From design to execution

Not only will we help you design the optimal process but after we’ve got it down on paper, we’ll also bring it to your CRM. After all, your sales success requires more than an IT project. 


Sales + marketing = growth

We’re the people you want in your corner when you need to solve a problem that has something to do with B2B marketing and/or sales. Titles and silos aside, we’re here to help your business grow.


Proven sales pros at your service

Our team consists of several former sales directors. These folks have thousands of miles and dozens of sales transformation cases behind them, which they’re happy to use to your advantage.

Need a hand? 👋

If you’re ready to wave goodbye to ineffective sales processes and poorly customized sales technology, we’re your people.

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