Employer branding

Your milkshake may not bring all the eager job seekers to the yard... But your epic employer brand might. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Breaking news: employer branding is not a magic trick

The ugly truth is that the best and the brightest people in your industry can freely choose where they work. The goal of employer branding is to make those people choose you. In other words, employer branding comes down to eliminating yet another bottleneck that might slow down your growth.

To succeed in building an attractive employer brand, you’ll need to figure out:

1) Which skills are crucial to your company’s success

2) What kinds of people you’ll need to recruit to crush your business goals (both tomorrow and 5-10 years into the future)

These two things are the key components of your employer branding strategy.

And once you’ve got your strategy down, the rest comes down to content marketing. Because the best way to build your employer brand is to forget about magic tricks and focus on sharing honest stories of your company, people, and customers ⁠— consistently and over time.

Pick your poison(s)

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Employer branding strategy

Employer branding strategy is an action plan that details how you’ll win the hearts and minds of the kind of talent you’ll want to hire in the future. The fundamental building blocks include things like your ideal employee profile(s), competitive differentiators, and your employer value proposition.

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Employer branding content

Content that helps you build a strong employer brand can be anything from a video to a podcast, or from an article to a chatbot. We can also help you dream up job postings, recruitment pages, and/or employee handbooks.

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Talent Attraction Hub

In the future you'll need more than a one-pager on your website to draw in the brightest talent. A talent attraction hub is a dedicated microsite for showcasing all the information that might be useful to a future employee. That includes stuff like open positions, blog posts about their future co-workers, and descriptions of the recruitment process. 

Our customers seem to think we’re alright πŸ₯°


Because we had set such ambitious goals for our CMO recruitment, we knew that we needed to partner up with a great marketing agency. The collaboration with Advance B2B was smooth and I’m really pleased with the results. With the Advance B2B team, we succeeded in getting people talking about the campaign, while positively shaping the brand image of Barona β€” and the whole recruitment industry.”

Minna Harmala-Vanhanen

CEO, Barona

Should we build up your employer brand together?

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  • You understand that the most critical ingredients of a strong employer brand are honesty and ballsiness. If you can handle both, we’d love to work with you.
  • Polishing πŸ’© with a sprinkle of glitter is not our thing, and we sure hope it’s not yours either.
  • We believe the only limit to employer branding is our collective imagination. If you agree, we should definitely talk.

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