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Growing your SaaS company is highly dependant on your ability to retain your customers. However, one of the biggest challenges SaaS companies face is to ensure your users are smoothly onboarded, immediately able to gain the value you promised, and ultimately keep coming back for more. This, what product people call stickiness, is crucial to retain the customers you worked so hard to get. Product stickiness is not something that just happens by itself, but through a combination of factors.

We work with SaaS companies to make their product more sticky through user onboarding, retention marketing, automation, and churn minimisation programs.


How We Do It

1. Onboarding Programs

Onboarding starts as soon as someone has their first touch with your product, no matter whether they've just purchased it or are trying it out. By building a clear onboarding process, we can help you deliver a smooth customer experience that alligns marketing with product so you can recover your CAC and start growing your LTV.

2. Retention Marketing

You've worked hard to acquire a new customer, so it's vitally important you can retain them over the long-term. As your customer base increases then your retention marketing will take on an increasingly crucial role in your growth; we can help you build retention marketing programs that will drive your customer LTV.


3. Marketing Automation

Marketing never stops. Whether you're in a full day workshop or on vacation at the beach, marketing automation means you're always helping to retain your customers. Through well-built workflows that deliver personalised content to your users, we can help you build a 24/7 marketing machine that never sleeps.

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4. Churn Reduction

Churn is a growth killer for SaaS businesses, but not all churn is created equally. We will help you identify the various types of churn and build triggers and alarms to understand when customers are showing the most serious symptons. Prevention is better than cure and we will work with you to build a marketing program that minimises the churn rate of your customers.

"Aim to recover your CAC in in less than 12 months, otherwise your business will require too much capital to grow."

- David Skok, VC @ Matrix Partners

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