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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation means automated marketing actions according to predefined conditions, such as emails and personalized content for website visitors.

Marketing automation software gathers contact information, essential marketing tools (landing pages, emails, social media etc.) and reporting. The software guides results-oriented marketing in which all areas support each other, making the measuring of marketing easier.

Sending an email via marketing automation software is only allowed to those contacts that have given their consent or are already buying customers. Consequently, using purchased email lists is not allowed. If your company doesn’t have a valid marketing database, we would be happy to help in creating one.

The benefits of marketing automation

1. Generate sales qualified leads

An efficient B2B sales organization uses time for leads that will most likely convert into customers. Marketing automation helps you to recognize the best leads and warm them up for sales.

2. Sales and marketing integration

Marketing automation integrates sales and marketing. Shared decisions relate to what kind of information we need from the leads, what is the definition of a lead, when will a lead be ready to transfer to sales, and in which cases will a lead be returned to marketing for further nurturing.

3. A better customer experience

Understanding the buyer’s journey is key in using marketing automation software effectively. Which interactions does the buyer’s path include and how does the buyer wish to be served during those interactions?

Marketing automation allows you to consider the context of the customer in all online and face-to-face interactions. Marketing and sales becomes more relevant to the buyer.

4. Less marketing routines

Marketing automation software saves time and allows marketers to focus on the most important issue: marketing planning. The software automates routine tasks, such as updating the customer database or sending out emails based on the prospect’s behavior. The software also makes reporting easy.

Marketers should bear in mind that the amount of work won’t decrease, rather it will become more meaningful. Using automation effectively requires a carefully planned strategy. Simply put, "Work smarter, not harder."

"Work smarter, not harder"

Pro tip: Avoid getting off to a bad start in the beginning. Plan the deployment of marketing automation carefully. Spend time on planning your strategy and describe the buyer’s journey from the first point of contact until closing. This way marketing automation will make your work easier, not more complicated.

How to successfully deploy and use marketing automation software

Driving results through marketing automation takes commitment. Deploying it is quick and easy, but to get the most out of the software, you need continuous testing and optimizing. This applies to all marketing based on data and understanding users.

You will have to be patient because getting the most out of marketing automation will take some time.

Only 8% of companies have seen an increase in sales during the first six months of using a marketing automation software. 40% of companies that have been using marketing automation for two years report an increase in sales. (Source:

Don’t put off the inevitable. Start taking full advantage of marketing automation with the support of a skilled partner.

Any questions?

Using marketing automation is not a project, which is why collaboration with us is based on continuous partnership. We offer support in deploying, using and developing the software. This way you will get the most out of your investment in the software - every month.

Get in touch and we will help you get started with marketing automation.