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Your success as a SaaS company is dependent on the success of your customers. This means your ability to grow CLTV is aligned with your ability to continuously provide your customers with their desired level of value.

We work with SaaS companies to build customer growth plan models and deliver timely, personalised and behaviour-based communication to increase customer success and drive cross-sales and upsales of your customer base.


How We Do It

1. Customer Growth Planning

The best SaaS companies are able to achieve negative churn, that being when the additional revenue generated from your existing customer base is greater than the lost revenue from your existing customers either downgrading or churning. This requires careful customer growth planning that analyses where to sell, what to sell, and the identification of your growth opportunities.

2. Cross-sell

The more axes of revenue your SaaS business model has, the better. By offering complimentary products to your customers who are showing signs of cross-sell behaviour you can improve both your customer experience and bottom line, and we'll help you do just this.

3. Marketing Automation

Marketing never stops. Whether you're in a full day workshop or on vacation at the beach, marketing automation means you're always boosting the LTV of your customers. Through well-built workflows that deliver personalised content to your users, we can help you build a 24/7 marketing machine that never sleeps.

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4. Upsell Programs

Through alerts and triggers we can deliver more of the same great stuff to your customers, whethee that's add-ons, an upgrade to a pro package, or selling more seats, we can build your upsell programs to drive additional LTV of your customers.

"Without a doubt, customer success must be a fully-integrated, tightly-coupled component of a complete SaaS business architecture."

- Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success Consultant @ Sixteen Ventures

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